You, Me and A Cup of We Are Tea

Tea glorious tea I cannot live without thee. Yes folks tea is the name of the game today and is courtesy of We Are Tea. Those long standing readers may remember that I adored We Are Tea’s English Breakfast and Peppermint Leaf which was my first sniff of what they had on offer.  A few weeks back […]

Snickers Ice Cream

Snickers Ice Cream

I have been a woman on a mission for the new Snickers ice cream and after 3 failed attempts at Asda and numerous lookouts at other supermarkets, I was beginning to lose hope. Coupled with fellow Snickers fans proclaiming their love for this new tub I was sure there was some hex on me finding […]

Proper Nutty Smunchy Peanut Butter

Proper Nutty Smunchy

We are going back to peanut butter basics today. Put aside the flavoured peanut butter items for today because we have it in it’s simplest form, good old fashion natural peanut butter from Proper Nutty.  I came across Proper Nutty on Twitter a while back and whilst perusing Country Market I was most surprised to see […]

Chocolate with a Difference by Doisy and Dam

Doisy & Dam Chocolate Bars

Happy Sunday Everyone! Let’s have a little chocolate bonanza, it’s never too early for chocolate right?After experimenting with superfoods and real ingredients, Doisy and Dam have created some truly unique chocolate flavour combinations with the view to give us an indulgent yet healthier and tastier range of chocolate. I have never been one to particularly […]

The Coconut Collaborative Little Lemon Temptations

The Coconut Collaborative Little Temptations Lemon

There’s a brand new dairy free dessert on the block and comes in the form of these fluorescent yellow packaged The Coconut Collaborative Little Lemon Temptations*. The Coconut Collaborative already has a jam packed repertoire spanning yoghurts, frozen goodies and dessert pots and yet I confess I haven’t had any of them.  These little Lemon Temptations […]

Collective For Kids Banana n Vanilla

Collective For Kids Banana n Vanilla

Banana is such a delicious flavour but so underused. You can bet your bottom dollar that if there is something banana flavoured I am going to want to try it and today is no exception with the new Collective For Kids Banana n Vanilla yoghurt. I have seen their tantalising flavours but have partaken in a Collective yoghurt until […]