White Chocolate M&M’s

Happy Friday and more to the point Happy National Chocolate Day! Just when I was giving up the ghost and putting my M&M eating on hold I couldn’t resist buying these White Chocolate M&M’s. White chocolate is a tricky business to get spot on and when it’s done right it is heavenly however let’s be honest […]

Great British Biscotti Co. Sweet Like…

Great British Biscotti Co Sweet

It’s Monday, I hope you have all had a fabby start to the week, I have just been elbow deep in buttercream icing my mum’s birthday cake, Happy Birthday Mum! Hop on over to Instagram in a while if you fancy seeing it. Back to today’s review, as promised last week and without further ado, […]

Snickers Protein Bars

Snickers Protein

Protein bars are something I have dabbled in in the past, some of which were horrendous and some were pretty nice especially when microwaved and they go a bit like cookie dough or fudgy brownies. Today is along those lines in the sense of a Snickers Protein Bar. Yes a protein bar that is a […]