Hotel Chocolat Spooky Spider Chocolate Selector

It’s October which means Halloween is coming!! Although normally I would run a mile with anything spider like, these I welcomed with open arms. Why? Peanut Butter of course! Yes these Hotel Chocolat Spooky Spider Chocolate Selector are milk chocolate creepy-crawlies filled with smooth peanut butter with a dash of Guérande salt. There are quite a few options in their Halloween Collection and include the Spooky Spider Chocolate Selector, Beastly Bites, Choose your Poison Cocktails, Skulls, Vampires and even a Halloween Party Kit. Of the stores I have visited there has been pretty much everything there but you can of course also… View Post

Halloween Spooktacular: M&S Witches Fingers & Halloween Horrors

Halloween is fast approaching and thankfully the shops have swung head first into the spooky spirit and are showcasing all things Halloween. M&S are the kings when it comes halloween themed foods. They seem to be one of the brands that actually thinks about it, rather than just renaming a product to sound spooky. So as part of my M&S bundle* I received I was happy to see they had included the M&S Witches Fingers and the mini bag of Halloween Horrors Chocolate.  M&S Witches Fingers*: All butter (18%) biscuits decorated with a vanilla flavoured fondant Perfect for those halloween parties,… View Post

The Almost Lush Halloween and Christmas Blogger Event

Almost two weeks ago marked the launch of the always anticipated Lush Halloween and Christmas offerings. With my face on and the excitement levels high, off I went to the South East Bloggers Circle Event however we were sadly met with the fact that the event at Lush in Basingstoke was cancelled due to a store flood. These things cannot be helped, however we did get a window of opportunity to peruse all things new, take some pictures and as a token sorry I got to take home a bottle of Snow Fairy (LOVE).  A Lush store is a bit like… View Post

Monster Munchies: Wotsits Zombie Fingers

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Every halloween Walkers seem to give us the same two crisp variations, Wotsits Zombie Fingers and Monster Munch Bacon Webs. To tell you how fantastic my local supermarkets are it was’t until Halloween did I find these crisps. Thankfully this year they seemed to have got their planning caps on and these have graced our shelves along with other ghoulish goodies well in advance.  I must confess that for whatever reason last year’s Wotsits Zombie Fingers tasted a bit odd, yes I checked they were still in date! This year I have decided to give them another go… View Post

Monster Munchies: Baileys Pumpkin Spice

Just throwing it out there that it’s MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! WOOH! It is therefore only fair that we all enjoy a tipple. For those who follow me on Instagram & Facebook I teased you all with an upcoming Monster Munchies review and can now reveal that yes it is the new Baileys Pumpkin Spice. EEEEK! I must confess though I am not a Baileys lover. I have never seen the attraction or need to drink what is essentially cream however a new leaf has turned because the pumpkin has swayed me to give it another go. To mark the change in… View Post