Tideford Organics Risotto Meal Pots *

Tideford Organics Risotto Meal Pots

Anyone else feel a little meh when it comes to sandwiches for lunch? Well you wouldn’t be alone in that feeling! So to spice up lunch time, or anytime for that matter, Tideford Organics risotto meal pots might be the answer, and they’ve kindly gifted me these to try. 

Made in their kitchens in Devon, these new risottos are plant-based, suitable for vegans and are gluten free. There are three new flavours to choose from – Risotto Verde light and citrusy with peas, spinach and a hint of lemon, Mediterranean – made with red and green peppers, courgette and fresh basil and Mushroom & Garlic – a rich risotto base made with rice and creamed coconut with mushrooms and garlic

These can be found in the free-from chiller in selected Sainsbury’s stores and from Amazon Fresh and retail at £2.79 each.

Tideford Organics Risotto VerdeRisotto Verde

They are really easy to cook and take just a few minutes either over the hob or in the microwave. Both methods I found the risotto rice did not hold it’s shape and bite, and was more apparent with the Mediterranean meal pot. There was however no denying the flavour in both. 

Tideford Organics Risotto MediterraneanRisotto Mediterranean

These Tideford Organics Risotto Meal Pots make a great alternative to the usually luncheon or snack. They are a good size, quick and easy to do, and perfect for the colder month’s ahead. I wouldn’t say they were were entirely like a risotto based on the rice not holding up and being a bit smooshy, but a good effort nonetheless. 

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*These were gifted to me in exchange for a review. All views are my own. 

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