Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana Selector

Perfecting a banana flavour isn’t the easiest of things and Hotel Chocolate have had a pretty good go at achieving banana-esque chocolates. There’s been the delicious Banana Bread and not to mention the Banoffee Pie (review here). However can these Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana selectors make it 3 in a row?  With a trio of ‘lavish textures’ this selector boasts layers of caramel, banana white ganache and while almond praline, all encased in 40% milk chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate.  As ever the selectors are £3.95 a pop or  3 for £10. There is such a variety that the… View Post

Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt

Today it is all about the humble yoghurt. Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt to be precise. This is a new brand for me and one that seems to have just popped up into the fresh aisle of the supermarket. From what started as a family business has expanded from a small workshop to a factory but stuck with traditional artisan methods.  Each costs around £1.75 a pop, I have managed to get these on offer recently so were nearer the £1.00. Each 135g pot comes in a glass pot, sealed top and cardboard sleeve. Far better for the environment. I… View Post

Itsu Sweet Chocolate and Banana Dessert Dumplings

After a little break I am back and talking desserts. Nestled in the frozen aisle are these Itsu Sweet Chocolate and Banana Dessert Dumplings *. Itsu aren’t the first to twist their classic savoury dishes into a sweet dessert, but they’re certainly the first I’ve tried. The picture alone makes me want to dive right in, and can only hope they turn out as good as they look.  Coming in at £3.50 a pop, each box contains 15 dessert dumplings. These can be found in frozen aisles at  Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado. They come in three flavours, Chocolate & Banana, Caramelised Apple… View Post

The Body Shop Banana Limited Edition Range

To say that I was excited when I read the email that The Body Shop had expanded their Banana range is a little bit of an understatement and there may have been a few excited squeals *don’t judge me*. Banana done well is one of my favourite smells. For me I want full on bananatastic knock your socks off, want to eat it kind of banana. The range has expanded from just haircare to now include Body Butter, Body Yoghurt and Shower Cream.  The packaging is cooky, fun and summery and all the products use community trade banana puree, and the… View Post

Lizi’s Adventurers Banana Granola

As you can most likely tell from the packaging Lizi’s Adventurers Banana Granola is aimed at kids. The packaging is funky, vibrant and will of course grab your attention when scanning the cereal aisles. Setting aside the fact this is aimed at kiddies aged 5-13 years old, I was all over it when I saw it was Banana Granola. Lizi’s has partnered with Bear Grylls Survival Academy, which is an academy offering dynamic self-rescue survival courses run by highly trained experts. Together they are promoting and engaging youngsters to eat a good breakfast and getting outside and active. To be… View Post