KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan

KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan

If you haven’t already seen KitKat has gone on an adventure and John Lewis have snapped it up. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of their new Chocolatory ranges and thought it was going to be the Gin and Tonic. However I surprised myself by choosing the KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan.

If you are lucky enough to live, work or be near John Lewis at Oxford Street or the Trafford Shops, then you can create your own KitKat and feel like a professional chocolatier. You can also get the Best of British selection which frankly sounds devine. If not then 29 other stores have 6 different special editions to try. 

KitKat Chocolatory

First off they aren’t cheap. If you opt for a box of 6 fingers it will set you back £7.50, or a double pack of two different flavours is £12.00. You can choose from Springtime in Japan, Whisky and Ginger, Nuttylicious, Billionaires, Gin and Tonic, Jewels of the East. I do wish you could mix and match the 6 flavours as well. Although they come in double packs, I found I wanted to try one but not the other, so seemed pointless in buying. 

I picked mine up in John Lewis in Kingston and actually walked past them several times because I didn’t recognise the packaging. Having not seen it before I am not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it. The packaging I actually love, it certainly gives it a bit more je ne sais quoi. These would make a nice little pressie for a KitKat or foodie lover. 

KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan

Inspired by cherry blossoms in Japanese springtime, the box contains six crispy KitKat wafer fingers with a cherry-flavoured and apple filling covered in Ruby chocolate. Can we just take a moment to admire the beauty in this. Not only the pinky pink from the ruby chocolate, but the gold shimmer and gorgeous pattern on the back. 

KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan John Lewis

The coating is far chunkier than on any other 2 or 4 finger KitKat, as is the filling. It doesn’t smell of much which thankfully wasn’t a prelude to the taste. The flavour or cherry and apple is a winning combination and the former is definitely the most prominent. The apple wasn’t overly identifiable and was more that it gave a bit of a sweetness to it. I like that you can actually identify the filling, which is often a bugbear in their normal flavoured KitKats. On the whole there was plenty of texture going on. The crisp wafer, creamy ruby chocolate and a little chewiness from the cherry pieces, gave it a good balance. 

There is no denying the beauty in looks and taste in this KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan bar. The price has become irrelevant as it screams a little bit of luxury. I like the flavour, have happily eaten the bar and above all, I am happy with my choice. Would I buy it again? I’m not sure. I say this because although it was lovely it didn’t give the oh my god this is the best thing I’ve eaten. And for a snazzy upmarket KitKat, that’s the feeling I want. 

Have you given any of the special edition KitKat Chocolatory range a go? Would you pay this much for a KitKat?

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