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  • Hopping into Easter with White’s Oats *

    Hopping into Easter with White’s Oats *
  • Beaulieu Pistachio Chocolate

    Beaulieu Pistachio Chocolate
  • Aero Dark Cherry Truffle Chocolate Bar

    Aero Dark Cherry Truffle Chocolate Bar
  • Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Bites

    Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Bites
  • Great British Biscotti Co Spiced Apple and Sour Cherry and Double Chocolate

    Great British Biscotti Co Spiced Apple and Sour Cherry and Double Chocolate

Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices

It’s another newbie on the cake scene, well sort of. These Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices are inspired by the Royal Wedding Cake picked by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. To be fair that isn’t the reason why these landed in the basket, they just sounded utterly delicious.  These slices have been available in Tesco for a little while and are filtering through to other supermarkets. Coming in at £1.50 a pack, each box is filled with 6 slices. Lemon and elderflower are a proven hit combination so hopes are high. They were a tad sticky and…

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Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit

Spring may well have sprung but that isn’t going to stand in the way of the winter edition Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit. Even when a food is specific to a season or holiday that for sure isn’t going to stop us from chowing on down.  Ritter Sport have some corkers but as usual the UK gets only a small selection. The range has certainly expanded but the real amazing sounding flavours just never reach us. I have reviewed a couple, the Cornflakes is delicious and the Rum and Raisin packs a punch. So will the Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit be…

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KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

It’s been a while but the nuts are back with a chocolatey twist. If you read the first nutty review a little while back (if you didn’t it’s here), you will know that I was suitably impressed by theses KIND bars and was eager to try more. Given the lovely people at KIND who indeed live up to their name and sent be a sizeable box of them to try, today it is the turn of the KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars *.  KIND bars are easy peasy to get hold of as they’re sold in many outlets. Supermarkets, Boots, Ocado,…

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Queen of Tarts Snow Fairie Wax Melt Dupe

What would you say if I said you could have Snow Fairy all year round? Well you can… sort of! Queen of Tarts Snow Fairie melts are a dupe of the gorgeous fragrance that Lush do ever year in their Christmas products. Expect this time it comes in a wax melt form.  I went through a faze a few years back with wax melts but have since gravitated back to candles. That said when someone says Snow Fairy my ears prick up. Queen of Tarts has done exactly this with their Snow Fairie dupe and I cannot take any credit…

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Pancake Day with White’s Oats *

Coming in late this year, the day of pancake making is on Tuesday 5th March and thankfully that is almost upon us. Every year I say “god I love pancakes I’m going to make these more often”, then low and behold it’s Shrove Tuesday all over again. It is in no way different this time around either.  Although I’ve posted some truly irresistible pancakes (FYI find 11 of them HERE) today is a little different. Today’s post is to get you in the pancake mood with a couple of oaty pancake recipes courtesy of White’s Oats. We all know there…

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