Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb and Custard Selectors

The Hotel Chocolat wall of Selectors is a joyful place to visit. Whether it’s truffles, alcohol, nutty, fruity, or seasonal, they have you covered. Whilst the Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb and Custard Selectors are not new, they are certainly one that needed trying. Rhubarb and Custard is a classic British flavour and dessert, and definitely on my favourites list. In side these gorgeous hexagonal chocolates sits rhubarb ganache layered with custard flavoured white chocolate, sealed in a milk and white chocolate vanilla seed shell. There is no denying that this is jam packed inside, and you can certainly see the distinct layers. From the first… View Post

Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Buns Selector

It’s snowing Christmas in Hotel Chocolat. Amongst the chocolate boxes, hampers, jolly penguins and snowmen, there’s also the Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Buns Selector. This isn’t actually a newbie, but is one that has been around before, and is back once more.  Last year I tried the Treacle Tart Selectors, which were nice but dubious you could actually tell what they were in a blind taste test. This year I am hoping the Cinnamon Bun can do a little better.  If you aren’t familiar the Selector’s come in at £3.95 a pop or 3 for £10. They are suitable for vegetarians… View Post

Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana Selector

Perfecting a banana flavour isn’t the easiest of things and Hotel Chocolate have had a pretty good go at achieving banana-esque chocolates. There’s been the delicious Banana Bread and not to mention the Banoffee Pie (review here). However can these Hotel Chocolat Caramalised Banana selectors make it 3 in a row?  With a trio of ‘lavish textures’ this selector boasts layers of caramel, banana white ganache and while almond praline, all encased in 40% milk chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate.  As ever the selectors are £3.95 a pop or  3 for £10. There is such a variety that the… View Post

Hotel Chocolat Spooky Spider Chocolate Selector

It’s October which means Halloween is coming!! Although normally I would run a mile with anything spider like, these I welcomed with open arms. Why? Peanut Butter of course! Yes these Hotel Chocolat Spooky Spider Chocolate Selector are milk chocolate creepy-crawlies filled with smooth peanut butter with a dash of Guérande salt. There are quite a few options in their Halloween Collection and include the Spooky Spider Chocolate Selector, Beastly Bites, Choose your Poison Cocktails, Skulls, Vampires and even a Halloween Party Kit. Of the stores I have visited there has been pretty much everything there but you can of course also… View Post

Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake

Yes it is another round of Hotel Chocolate delights. The reason for the visit at the weekend was purely for gift purposes only. However after perusing the Selector section and spying the Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake, I knew they were coming home with me.  Usually the PB & J combo is something that is given a miss. However the description of “salted peanut praline sandwiched in jammy raspberry-white chocolate” was too enticing.  As always the Selector’s come in at £3.95 a pop or 3 for £10. There are a few newbies in town, and I hear there… View Post