English Cheesecake Company Lotus Biscoff

When it comes to dessert cheesecake comes way way way down the list. In fact it would rarely make the cut, I know what sorcery is this. Sorry I am more of a crumble or ice cream kind of gal. That being said this English Cheesecake Company Lotus Biscoff cheesecake literally had me at biscoff. Although this was from Waitrose you can buy bigger ones from their website, which includes a Vegan version. This version cost £5.00, serves 6 and is suitable for vegetarians. It isn’t new on the shelves and I think has been around for a while.  ‘Rich… View Post

Maryland Cookies Desserts Mississippi Mud Pie and New York Cheesecake

Is it a cookie or a biscuit? It has the hallmarks of a cookie with its looks and choc chips, but it screams biscuit with its shorter crumblier texture. Maryland Cookies aren’t really the go, but when I spied the Maryland Cookies Desserts range I couldn’t resist giving them a try. The range has certainly grown from just the humble choc chip, double choc and hazelnut variety and now includes Maryland Wonders, Big & Chunky, Sugar Free and Maryland Cookies Desserts. These come in two flavours, Mississippi Mud Pie and New York Cheesecake.  Randomly these were found in the foodie… View Post

Itsu Sweet Berry Dessert Dumplings

It’s dumpling time again! Moving on from the chocolatey clutches of the Itsu Chocolate and Banana Dessert Dumplings, today it is the turn of the fruity tooty Itsu Sweet Berry Dessert Dumplings.  In case you missed it, each box of 15 dumplings costs £3.50 and can be found in the frozen aisles of Waitrose, Tesco and online at Ocado. If you are worried about cooking them you needn’t be. These can either be oven cooked, shallow fried or steamed from frozen in under 6 minutes. They also come in three flavours, Chocolate & Banana, Caramelised Apple and Sweet Berry.  Steamed wheat… View Post

Itsu Sweet Chocolate and Banana Dessert Dumplings

After a little break I am back and talking desserts. Nestled in the frozen aisle are these Itsu Sweet Chocolate and Banana Dessert Dumplings *. Itsu aren’t the first to twist their classic savoury dishes into a sweet dessert, but they’re certainly the first I’ve tried. The picture alone makes me want to dive right in, and can only hope they turn out as good as they look.  Coming in at £3.50 a pop, each box contains 15 dessert dumplings. These can be found in frozen aisles at  Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado. They come in three flavours, Chocolate & Banana, Caramelised Apple… View Post

Oppo Madagascan Vanilla Cheesecake

If someone said to you here’s a cheesecake that isn’t as sinful as a traditional slice of cheesecake but still tastes as good, you would probably think they were off their rocker. Well Oppo have potentially given us just that. Coming in a trio of flavours today’s review is the Oppo Madagascan Vanilla Cheesecake. If you haven’t come across Oppo then they were the ones that made sugar free ice cream taste darn good. FYI Mint Choc Chip is my fave. However no longer is this their only guilt free treat, the new range of chilled cheesecakes has been 2 years… View Post