The Collective Raspberry Trifle Yoghurt

The Collective Raspberry Trifle

I am having a current love affair with yoghurts after discovering The Collective, yes I am a little late to the party, but better late than never. Following the Banana ‘n’ Vanilla number I tried a few weeks ago I have since been trying a few of their other flavours, FYI Mango is epic. Whilst on one of latest peruses I spied this exciting pot – The Collective Raspberry Trifle Yoghurt. 

Their big 450g pots are usually on offer in one supermarket or another and I got this on a 2 for £3.00 bargain. Now I cannot deny what attracted me to this one was the dash of amaretto and I was hoping that this one would be a bit Bakewell-esque. Suitable for vegetarians and no nasties, this live bio yoghurt is full of goodness. 

Let’s set the scene of this raspberry trifle yoghurt. Cakey crumbs added to fresh jammy raspberries, and a splash of amaretto topped with thick ‘n’ creamy Madagascan vanilla custard yoghurt. Sounds bliss.
The Collective Dairy Raspberry TriflePer serving: 182 kcal, 4.7g sat fat, 21.6g sugar, 7.1g protein. 
The thick ‘n’ creamy consistency is exactly that and is bang on. Not too much that it is sickly and claggy and not too thin that you feel you have been cheated on. The sweetness from the vanilla yoghurt married well with the slight tartness that came from the raspberry layer, and the cakey pieces managed to hold a bite to it and weren’t just soggy bits of sponge, phew. I’d have liked a tad more raspberry to come through as the vanilla custard was indulgent and dominated the trifle. Sadly and this is a big one, the splash of amaretto was something I just couldn’t detect. I was willing it to make an appearance however it remained hidden in that swirl of pink and vanilla. 
The Collective have once again nailed one indulgent and high quality yoghurt however fell short in their flavours. You have raspberry, vanilla and cakey pieces which meet the mark of a trifle, but there just isn’t that slight boozy element that it promises. The Collective Raspberry Trifle Yoghurt hasn’t managed to woo me as much as I had hoped and the Mango number remains the top dog. 
What are your thoughts and feelings on the yoghurt front, any recommendations for ones I need to try? Let me know.
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