Tideford Organics Risotto Meal Pots *

Anyone else feel a little meh when it comes to sandwiches for lunch? Well you wouldn’t be alone in that feeling! So to spice up lunch time, or anytime for that matter, Tideford Organics risotto meal pots might be the answer, and they’ve kindly gifted me these to try.  Made in their kitchens in Devon, these new risottos are plant-based, suitable for vegans and are gluten free. There are three new flavours to choose from – Risotto Verde – light and citrusy with peas, spinach and a hint of lemon, Mediterranean – made with red and green peppers, courgette and fresh basil and Mushroom & Garlic… View Post

Vegan Month: HECK Bollywood Bangers and Sweet Fusion Sausages *

Today is part 2 of my vegan HECK sausage reviews. Yes they have been beavering away the last four years to create 4 new plant based sausages and last week I reviewed their The Beet Goes On & Super Green Saus, and today it is the turn of the HECK Bollywood Bangers and Sweet Fusion Sausages. With the seal of approval for being vegetarian and vegan, these high fibre sausages are £3.00 a pack and can be found in Asda. Larger Sainsbury’s are currently only stocking Sweet Fusion Sausages and Super Green Saus, so if you want to give them all a go,… View Post

Vegan Month: HECK The Beet Goes On & Super Green Saus

November is World Vegan Month and today’s review couldn’t be more appropriate. I have been trying to make a conscious effort to have more meat free days. Not because I don’t like meat but because there are plenty of tasty foods out there that don’t include meat but also because I wanted to branch out and try new foods and recipes. So timing couldn’t have been more perfect when an email slipped into my inbox asking if I wanted to try the new HECK The Beet Goes On & Super Green Saus which have been four years in the making.  Hitting… View Post

Asda Jewellery Laces *

Prepare to release your inner child with the new Asda Jewellery Laces* because this is where playing with your food is encouraged! Recently released Asda Jewellery Laces are here to get your creativity juices flowing, and comprises of multicoloured laces and different shaped charms  Although the ingredient list is never going to be perfect, these are sweets after all, they are however free from artificial colours and flavours, and are vegetarian friendly, which is a bonus. As you can see it is colour galore. With the laces long enough to make necklaces and bracelets, the multicoloured charms come in flower, star, heart and circle shapes. … View Post

The Body Shop Banana Limited Edition Range

To say that I was excited when I read the email that The Body Shop had expanded their Banana range is a little bit of an understatement and there may have been a few excited squeals *don’t judge me*. Banana done well is one of my favourite smells. For me I want full on bananatastic knock your socks off, want to eat it kind of banana. The range has expanded from just haircare to now include Body Butter, Body Yoghurt and Shower Cream.  The packaging is cooky, fun and summery and all the products use community trade banana puree, and the… View Post