Golden Fords Candles of Guildford – Tealight Taster Pack

Golden Fords Candles Taster Pack

Love a candle? Me too! The trouble with buying candles online without prior knowledge of them is that you haven’t the foggiest what the fragrances actually smell like. You don’t want to spend on something that you think you’d like and when it rocks up it smells horrendous. So after a following on Insta I was intrigued by Golden Fords Candles and low and behold they sell a Taster Pack which showcases their Flagship collection. Genius!

Golden Fords Candles are based on a little farm on the doorstep of Chantry Woods. Here each candle they make is 100% natural using ethically sourced wax, hand poured and scented in small batches. The price point for a  full size 400g candle is £24.00.

Golden Fords Candles of Guildford - Taster PackSo after stalking their website for a few weeks waiting for the taster pack to come back in stock, from purchasing to them arriving on my doorstep, it was the speediest of deliveries. Coming in at a reasonable £7.00 for 5 tea lights, each are handily numbered so you know what’s what.

No1: English Lavender and Dead Sea Minerals

No2: Seaweed and Juniper

No3: Amber Noir

No4: Meadow Lilly and Cotton Musk

No5: Black Plum and Rhubarb

A little unsure how much fragrance the tealight would kick out it actually did a pretty good job. There’s no doubt that the larger 400g candles would fill the whole room. They each burnt for around 4-5 hours which is enough to give a little taster. The fragrances were clean with no smoke or synthetic smell, and the packaging simple and most importantly biodegradable and recyclable.

Golden Fords Candles of Guildford Tealight Taster Pack

I was fairly set that I wouldn’t like a couple of them but actually all were lovely in their own way. To favour one is just too difficult! Amber Noir was the top contender and is quite masculine and punchy whereas Seaweed and Juniper was perfect for a more mellow, calm and clean aroma. The English Lavender and Dead Sea Minerals was lovely for an evening burn for the obvious reasons of the lavender albeit, it could be a tad stronger.

It’s safe to say I was thoroughly impressed in every way with these Golden Fords Candles of Guildford. The tealight taster pack is a fantabulous idea, and hope with their new line of candles they will follow suit with making a taster for them too. I think there may even be a reed diffuser in the making. The service was great, and although on the more expensive price point for a candle, a lot has gone into the making, they’re hand poured and make a great gift or a little treat for yourself.

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