Maryland Cookies It’s Mint To Be

Maryland Cookies it's mint to be

The track record for different flavoured Maryland Cookies in my opinion has not been great. Their flavour ambitions are up there, it is the execution that lets it down. That being said two new varieties have hit the shelves, one of which are these Maryland Cookies It’s Mint To Be.

These new cookies are mint flavoured cookies (obviously) with chocolate chips and sugar pearls. You will now find them in both Sainsbury and Tesco for around £1.35 a pack. It is quite nice to see that they haven’t gone done the chocolate orange route like so many others recently.

You may be thinking didn’t Maryland already do mint cookies, and if you are you are right. The difference between them is the predecessor used mint choc chips where as these have mint flavouring in the cookie.

It's Mint To Be Maryland CookiesSlightly darker in colour than the original cookies, there is no denying the minty aroma that escapes from the packet once open. For the majority the cookies are packed full of chocolate chips with glimpses of bright green sugar pearls. Flavour wise there are heavy on the minty side, and remind me of the mint you taste in a mint choc ice cream by the seaside. They have some dunk-ability and on the whole if you really love mint chocolate then these Maryland Cookies It’s Mint To Be are for you.

Have you tried these yet?

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