Maltesers Orange Buttons

Maltesers Orange Buttons New

Would you believe it’s well over a year since Maltesers gave us the delicious mint choc buttons? Now it’s time for a newbie and unsurprisingly they have jumped on the chocolate flavour of the moment. Of course it is the Maltesers Orange Buttons.

It’s funny how when I reviewed the mint choc buttons I was applauding them for not going with the trend. I get why they did this time around given it has been such a consumer favourite, it is jut a shame they haven’t decided to start their own trend.

Available in a variety of sizes, you can pick them up in most supermarkets, B&M, Corner Shops and Poundland. Cost wise depends on the size, Poundland are doing bags with some extra fee.

Maltesers Orange ButtonsEach nobbly number is made up of orange and malt mounds, generously covered in smooth milk chocolate. The packet vaguely smells of orange upon opening, which unfortunately is a clue to how these buttons were going to taste. Although creamy and chocolatey the orange zesty flavour is seriously lacking, and is all but just a hint. Sadly I found that after eating more than a few the orange just vanishes.

Sadly these Maltesers Orange Buttons are disappointing. It is a bit of a surprise how lacking they are given how chocolate orange has exploded this year, and there are soooo many good ones out there. Let’s hope next time they bring out something a little more curveball-esque, after all Maltesers in Australia are now doing Marshmallow flavour!!

Have you tried these yet?

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