McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives

It’s certainly divided opinion and it’s not surprising really given these aren’t your conventional biscuit flavours. Yes I am talking about the new Digestive biscuits. McVities have given us not one, but THREE new flavours. There’s McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives, Cherry Bakewell which I reviewed last week (here), and Strawberries and Cream. So far they are exclusive to Morrisons and have been a bit tricky for people to track down all three flavours. I had similar issues and only managed to find two out of the three. As expected they aren’t on any offer and were £1.50 per pack.… View Post

New Limited Edition Costa Ruby Hot Chocolate

It’s tipped to be the most instagramable hot chocolate of the year, and we are only in February. Released as part of the new January menu, Costa have given us a Ruby Hot Chocolate AND it’s pink!  There has been quite a few things in Ruby chocolate form to hit shelves, including two types of KitKat (review here and here) and Presat Ruby Bar (review from Kevvie here). What makes ruby chocolate so special? A number of years ago cocoa experts discovered components of certain cocoa beans could produce a chocolate with an exceptional flavour and colour. Above all this… View Post

Gifted – SodaStream Spirit Hydration, Why Yes it’s Sparkling Water

The SodaStream is well and truly back, and its had a swish makeover! It’s like they read my mind because I’ve wanted to give one a go for ages, and low and behold SodaStream have been kindly gifted me this one*. There is an element of magic when seeing and using a Soda Water Maker.  Gone are the days where there were only a few flavours to choose from. Now the types of drink that you can conjure up are unlimited. From simple sparkling water, to cola, ginger ale, raspberry and mint and pink grapefruit. If you want to mix… View Post

Review: Orange Twirl – The New Limited Edition Cadbury Twirl

Stop what you are doing the Cadbury Orange Twirl is not a myth! It has been some mission including friend’s, family and my fabulous work colleagues, and we were all thinking that this was some kind of Cadbury game plan! However after searching for well over a week, which included so many shops we lost count, the hunt is finally over. I cannot deny I bought A LOT of them. They were released on the 23rd September in selected stores across the country. The nation has struggled to find them, and Cadbury’s have since released that they will also be available… View Post

Nestle Milkybar Mousse

From the chocolate and toffee mousse that was on offer with the Rolo Mousse, we have flipped to the other side today with the likes of the Milkybar Mousse – cue the Milkybar song ….. Alongside Magic Stars and Smarties (until I was banned because of all those E numbers sending me doolally) Milkybar takes me back to my childhood. I was certainly more of a bar gal than the buttons, but it no longer stops there because we now have the Milkybar Mousse. £1.24 for 4 pots. 1 Pot: 85 kcal, 2.4g Sat Fat, 9.6g Sugar, 2.7g Protein – 4 WW Smart… View Post