Cereal Lovers Granola

Cereal Lovers Granola

I have phases where I eat so much cereal I look like a bowl of cereal. I am a lover of granola but find that it is usually packed full of sugar and I’m frantically searching for the snacks at elevensies.

Insert the new Granola Gurus on the block – Cereal Lovers.

Cereal Lovers were at The Bloggers Hangout Food Festival (previous post here) and kindly gave be a bag full of their granolas to try. Made in Dorset their granolas are simply fruit granolas with no nasties and no added sugar, and most are 1 of your 5 a-day. Each box contained 60g of granola, I must ask why have per portion nutritional values that do not correlate to the pre-sealed mini packet inside? Lets be realistic I’m not going to half the packet and save for another day! With that said, on to the tasting ..

Cereal Lovers Blackcurrent Apple Granola

Simply Blackcurrant & Apple Granola*: per 30g 119.5 kcal / 0.1g sat fat / 3.3g sugar. This made for a pretty bowl of cereal but that’s about as far as it goes. The blackcurrant was far too overpowering and reminded me of those dreaded cold and flu drinks *shudders*. As such the apple was completely lost and rather helpless in my bowl. I shall confess, after the first mouthful I did throw the rest away.

Forest Crunch Granola*: per 30g 123 kcal / 0.4g sat fat / 6.8g sugar. Taking granola to a new level with oats, seeds and malt. Super seedy and deliciously sweet, this granola was one of my favourites. Be sure to have a mirror at hand for those pesky poppy seeds though or it could be quite the embarrassing situation. 

Cereal Lovers Simply Apple

Simply Apple Granola*: per 30g 121 kcal / 0.1g sat fat / 3.8g sugar. Pure apple juice, oats, malt, oil and then baked, it really is simply apple. Some times simple is best and that is proved here. Perfectly balanced and no soggy bottom from the milk when I got waylaid with a phone call, a winner here.  

Cereal Lovers Simply Orange

Simply Orange Granola*: per 30g 120 kcal / 0.1g sat fat / 3.8g sugar. Exactly like the Simply Apple just with pure orange juice, obviously. I expected sweet but instead this was very suck your cheeks in bitter with a not very pleasant aftertaste. Not one for me at all. 

Sunshine Crunch Granola*: per 30g 115 kcal / 0.3g sat fat / 8.8g sugar. Made with oats, rice, orange and nutmeg, I was all prepared to dislike this one, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Chunkier and crunchier pieces than the others, this granola smelt and tasted exactly like ginger nut biscuits. Very delicious and who wouldn’t want ginger nuts for brekkie?

Cereal Lovers Chocolate Banana

Simply Banana & Chocolate Granola*: per 30g 122 kcal / 0.6g sat fat / 3.5g sugar.  Banana and chocolate go together like bread and butter. Made with banana juice, banana pieces and chocolate, this is the one I was most eager to try. It smells delicious, tasted delicious and I was impressed that the banana wasn’t masked by the chocolate. Yum!

Chocolate Crunch Granola*: per 30g 111 kcal / 0.8g sat fat / 5.9g sugar. Another big cluster granola, this was super delicious, rich and chocolatey. Cereal Lovers have achieved a healthier chocolate cereal that tastes as good as you hope; and it turned the milk chocolatey! Yay! 

There we have it. Are these worth a try, absolutely. Would I buy these again given the chance? Aside from the Simply Orange and Apple and Blackcurrant, yes I would. They are at a pricey £3.95-£4.95 per 400g, but for what you get, it is worth it. There is no compromising on taste and are using innovative flavours to jazz up the more often than not, dull, sugar packed cereal. Better still it kept me full till lunch time!

If you’d like to try the granola yourselves and see more from Cereal Lovers, visit their website here

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  1. 9th October 2015 / 7:05 pm

    Just tried the chocolate crunch and I have to say possibly the best tasting granola i have ever had, and I’ve had a lot! thanks so much for the reccomendation, I have every other flavour to try now 🙂

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