Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn

Popcorn has taken a bit of a back seat however Metcalfe’s have released two new flavours which promise to be a completely new popcorn experience. How you ask? Well not only do they feature real fruit pieces, they have also marketed it as combining different tastes and textures. I am not sure what they mean by this given surely that is in essence what popcorn is, and what Joe & Seph’s have been nailing for sometime. However let’s see. First up is Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn. Available in most supermarkets and online, this popcorn is gluten free, veggie friendly, and… View Post

Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie

When I spied the Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie biscotti at the local garden centre I practically hopped skipped and jumped my way to get them! Continuing their dessert theme this joins their Pecan Pie and Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate biscotti.  I first stumbled across Great British Biscotti Co over on Twitter. Twitter is a wonderful place to discover new people, brands and for me all things foodie related. Christchurch is the home to Great British Biscotti Co where a small team of artisan bakers are giving this twice baked Italian nibble more life.   If you are wondering… View Post

Great British Biscotti Co. Sweet Like… *

It’s Monday, I hope you have all had a fabby start to the week, I have just been elbow deep in buttercream icing my mum’s birthday cake, Happy Birthday Mum! Hop on over to Instagram in a while if you fancy seeing it. Back to today’s review, as promised last week and without further ado, it’s biscotti time. Twitter is a wonderful place to discover new people, brands and for me all things foodie related. This is exactly how I stumbled across the Great British Biscotti Co and after tweeting about these the lovely Paul messaged me thanking me for… View Post

Nestle Milkybar Mousse

From the chocolate and toffee mousse that was on offer with the Rolo Mousse, we have flipped to the other side today with the likes of the Milkybar Mousse – cue the Milkybar song ….. Alongside Magic Stars and Smarties (until I was banned because of all those E numbers sending me doolally) Milkybar takes me back to my childhood. I was certainly more of a bar gal than the buttons, but it no longer stops there because we now have the Milkybar Mousse. £1.24 for 4 pots. 1 Pot: 85 kcal, 2.4g Sat Fat, 9.6g Sugar, 2.7g Protein – 4 WW Smart… View Post

M&S Dulce de Leche Teacakes

The sun has been peeping out the clouds this week so it is only fair that we have a bit of the Spirit of Summer courtesy of the new M&S Dulce de Leche Teacakes. As previously mentioned M&S have gone a little crazy with dulce de leche this summer and shoved it anything and everything. I must say their Banana Dulce de Leche slices were a thing of beauty so I have high hopes for these Teacakes.  Their packaging is certainly snazzy and catching to the eye, and these definitely faired better in their travels than the Red Velvet Teacakes. These were… View Post