M&S Loaded Jaffa Cheesecake Wedges

M&S Loaded Jaffa Cheesecake Wedges

These M&S Loaded Jaffa Cheesecake Wedges have been out for a while but I thought it was about time I give them a whirl. You can buy these singularly or it is worth checking if it is part of the dine in for £12.

Each pack contains two wedges and promises to deliver a chocolate cheesecake with tangy orange sauce topping and chocolate brownie chunks.

For a cheesecake it is all about the base for me. If you have a naff biscuity base then you aren’t onto a winning cheesecake. Here we have a seriously crumbly chocolatey base that is rich and had little chunks of chocolate in. Perfect for this indulgent dessert.

M&S Loaded Jaffa Cheesecake Wedges ReviewThe cheesecake itself was smooth, rich chocolate with a tangy orange flavour sauce on top. The addition of the brownie pieces was genius and gives you the sponge layer of a Jaffa Cake. It is very rich and sickly, so you have got to have your chocolate loving hat on when eating. Take away that this is a cheesecake it honestly tastes like a Jaffa Cake.

The wedges are a good size, but still quite expensive if you don’t get these on the dine in, or on offer. But for a treat I cannot recommend the M&S Loaded Jaffa Cheesecake Wedges enough. Delicious!

Have you had these yet?

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