Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers

A year on since the Chocolate Orange Fingers now Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers have hit the shelves. Is it possible that mint chocolate is going to explode into a tonne of varieties and overtake the plethora of chocolate orange? If you missed the review on the Mint Choc Buttons then you can find it here. As with the Buttons you can pick these up from Tesco for a slightly higher RRP of £1.50 per box. It is yet to be known when they will be hitting other stores. Each tray is filled with crisp mint flavoured biscuits covered with Cadbury… View Post

Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons

Move over chocolate orange there is a new flavour back in town and that is mint chocolate. Of course this is not a new flavour duo but seems to be making a comeback. Cadbury have given us two new products and first up it’s the Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons. I have not seen these anywhere other than Tesco. Each pack of Buttons is RRP £1.00 and accompanying these buttons is the new Cadbury Mint Choc Fingers. First thoughts were wow these were exceptionally minty and sweet. Fast forward a few days and a packet and a half later, and these… View Post

Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry

Last Year Cadbury gave us the chance to invent our own chocolate bar and I am sensing the success of this has led them to do so again this year. This time around there were another three, although the Honeycomb one seems to have been withdrawn due to concerns over nuts. There are still two others so let’s kick start with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry. Although the competition is now closed and the results of the winner will be imminently revealed, you can still get your hands on the two remaining bars. This is the one… View Post

Cadbury Orange Chocolate Buttons

Earlier this week I reviewed the Orange Chocolate Fingers and today it is the turn of the Cadbury Orange Chocolate Buttons. Combining both smooth and creamy Dairy Milk chocolate with a citrus-fresh orange hint, I wondered if these would be like little puddles of Twirl Orange joy.  Currently available in Londis and Budgens stores I found mine in the latter, which also seems to be where most people are finding them. They will also be venturing into One Stop stores now and Tesco from September, although they have already been spotted in Tesco. These retail at £1.99 a bag but have… View Post

Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers

Last week we not only got one, but two new orange treats and a presale of the Orange Twirl from Cadbury! Naturally it was mission get the orange choccies and if you follow on insta you will already know I got my hands on them. There will be two reviews this week and first up is the Cadbury Orange Chocolate Fingers.  Cadbury Fingers are no stranger to a little variation, aside from the OG, there’s the Fabulous Fingers, White Choc Fingers and now the Orange Choc Fingers. Currently available in Londis and Budgens stores I found mine in the latter,… View Post