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  • StoneRose Pizza Co Food Truck

    StoneRose Pizza Co Food Truck
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Mystery Bar 02

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Mystery Bar 02
  • Limited Edition Cadbury Caramel Twirl

    Limited Edition Cadbury Caramel Twirl
  • KitKat Chunky Lotus Biscoff

    KitKat Chunky Lotus Biscoff
  • FATSO Dark Chocolate *

    FATSO Dark Chocolate *
  • Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter Batons

    Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter Batons
  • Veganuary – Doughlicious Dough-Chi *

    Veganuary – Doughlicious Dough-Chi *
  • Pea Pops Chickpea Crisps *

    Pea Pops Chickpea Crisps *

Hotel Chocolat Pecan Danish Selectors

The clocks have gone back, autumn is well and truly upon us and the new seasonal choccies are on the shelves. Today’s review is a truly autumnal comforting sweet treat with these Hotel Chocolat Pecan Danish Selectors. It can safely be said that Hotel Chocolat is firm fave on this blog. The flavours, varieties of choclate whether it be solid, filled or even liquid, it is not hard to find something to buy! These cup shaped selectors are my favourite style, they always seem to give a better ratio of filling. Each of these 6 cups is filled with maple,…

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Salted Caramel Fudge Munchies

Cast your mind back 2 years to when Nestle gave us two (somewhat disappointing) new flavours of Munchies. Fast forward and these Salted Caramel Fudge Munchies have hit the shelves. It may be a flavour we have seen already flood the market and sail on through, but it is nice to see they haven’t gone for chocolate orange. Incase you aren’t au fait with the original Munchies they are square, filled with soft caramel and a small round biscuit in the middle, all of which is encased in a thick chocolate coating. These were originally in Morrisons but are now in…

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Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers

A year on since the Chocolate Orange Fingers now Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers have hit the shelves. Is it possible that mint chocolate is going to explode into a tonne of varieties and overtake the plethora of chocolate orange? If you missed the review on the Mint Choc Buttons then you can find it here. As with the Buttons you can pick these up from Tesco for a slightly higher RRP of £1.50 per box. It is yet to be known when they will be hitting other stores. Each tray is filled with crisp mint flavoured biscuits covered with Cadbury…

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Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons

Move over chocolate orange there is a new flavour back in town and that is mint chocolate. Of course this is not a new flavour duo but seems to be making a comeback. Cadbury have given us two new products and first up it’s the Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons. I have not seen these anywhere other than Tesco. Each pack of Buttons is RRP £1.00 and accompanying these buttons is the new Cadbury Mint Choc Fingers. First thoughts were wow these were exceptionally minty and sweet. Fast forward a few days and a packet and a half later, and these…

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Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb and Custard Selectors

The Hotel Chocolat wall of Selectors is a joyful place to visit. Whether it’s truffles, alcohol, nutty, fruity, or seasonal, they have you covered. Whilst the Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb and Custard Selectors are not new, they are certainly one that needed trying. Rhubarb and Custard is a classic British flavour and dessert, and definitely on my favourites list. In side these gorgeous hexagonal chocolates sits rhubarb ganache layered with custard flavoured white chocolate, sealed in a milk and white chocolate vanilla seed shell. There is no denying that this is jam packed inside, and you can certainly see the distinct layers. From the first…

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