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  • Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers

    Cadbury Mint Chocolate Fingers
  • Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons

    Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons
  • Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb and Custard Selectors

    Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb and Custard Selectors
  • Home Crafted Candle Co Wax Melts

    Home Crafted Candle Co Wax Melts
  • Maltesers Orange Buttons

    Maltesers Orange Buttons
  • Limited Edition Yorkie Orange

    Limited Edition Yorkie Orange
  • McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts

    McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts
  • McVitie’s Strawberry Cheesecake Digestives

    McVitie’s Strawberry Cheesecake Digestives

Terry’s Chocolate Orange White Mini Eggs

Another new chocolate orange goodie to add to the ever growing number on the shelves. Terry’s Chocolate Orange White Mini Eggs are here and after the joy of the OG flavour last year (review here), can these be a winner too? Terry’s first treated us to the mini white segments late last year, and I have to say I was not a fan in the slightest. In each 80g bag there are egg-shaped white chocolates flavoured with orange oil with a crispy coloured sugar shell. These were picked up from Tesco for £1.00 a pack, and they have been spotted in… View Post

Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water *

Happy Friday! Yes we have hit the joyful day that is Fri-Yay so to celebrate I am raising a can to Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water drinks. Hard seltzer drinks are more uncommon for the UK and not something I imagine most of us have come across. However following a rebrand, Berczy are hoping to change that, and they have kindly gifted a taster box to me. What is Berczy? Combining British sparkling water, filtered sugar beet alcohol and real fruit flavours, Berczy Alcoholic Sparkling Water comes in three flavours. Peach & Raspberry, Lemon & Lime and a more unusual Passionfruit… View Post

Golden Fords Orange, Cranberry and Cinnamon Candle *

I have too many candles, said no-one ever! Since my last post reviewing their taster pack, Golden Fords Candles has expanded into new fragrances, wax melts, and even reed diffusers. So when asked if I would like a cotton wick candle to try, frankly I couldn’t quite believe it. A speedy delivery and a few other goodies the Golden Fords Orange, Cranberry and Cinnamon Candle was delivered. Golden Fords Candles are based on a little farm on the doorstep of Chantry Woods. Here each candle and wax melt they make is 100% natural using ethically sourced wax, hand poured and scented in small… View Post

Maltesers Chocolate Orange Bunny

Pinch punch first of the month!!! The Maltesers Chocolate Orange Bunny seems to have taken the internet by storm and were hotly anticipated when their release was spoken about. Fast forward a few months and the Easter treats are on the shelves and these bunnies are now creeping into stores. Each milk chocolate bunny has a crunchy and creamy orange flavoured Malteser centre and were on offer in Tesco for £1.20. You can also pick them up at B&M, Iceland and Amazon*. Is it just me or are these bunnies chunkier than their reindeer friends? Normally the chocolate isn’t all that… View Post

The Ideal Blend with Ideal Heating – Win a Winter Warmer for a Hard-Working Hero *

There is no doubting that this last year has been unimaginable in more ways than one. The nation has an abundance of hard working heroes from NHS workers to Emergency Services and all frontline workers, essential shop staff, local government workers, volunteers, those endlessly applying for jobs, parents juggling work and homeschooling, and trades people fixing the nations household problems. The list goes on and Ideal Heating want to celebrate each and everyone. To give a little back to those hard working heroes this winter, Ideal Heating are giving away free coffee and travel mugs to keep us fuelled. They have… View Post