Collective For Kids Banana n Vanilla

Collective For Kids Banana n Vanilla

Banana is such a delicious flavour but so underused. You can bet your bottom dollar that if there is something banana flavoured I am going to want to try it and today is no exception with the new Collective For Kids Banana n Vanilla yoghurt. I have seen their tantalising flavours but have partaken in a Collective yoghurt until […]

Surrey Food Festival 2017

The Surrey Food Festival

The sunny weather is coming which means food festival season is beginning. Huzzah! Food festivals are a glorious thing, namely because of all the food and drink on offer, but also because you get to find brands and meet new people that you wouldn’t normally discover and I highly recommend all you foodie lovers go […]

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs


Hip Hip Hippeas* it’s nearly the weekend! I confess that I have seen these about, how can you not with their vibrant yellow packaging, however I have never bought any purely on the basis of them being made from chickpeas. I have no qualms with chickpeas but when it comes to snacks and crisps I […]

Funky Nut Co. Easter Egg

The extra long weekend is almost upon us and Easter continues on the blog and with what can only be described as a genius idea. Enter Funky Nut Co. Easter Egg. For those eagle eyed readers what it translates to is Cadbury Creme Eggs stuffed into cashew nut butter, but called Easter Egg because Funky […]