KitKat Gold Caramelise Your Break

KitKat have had a steady flow of flavours, however more recently they have ramped it up. There’s been the standard KitKat Ruby, KitKat Senses and KitKat Chunky Protein, to the more luxurious Chocolatory range. So what’s the latest to join the family? It’s the KitKat Gold.  In its shimmering gold packaging that’s enough to attract any magpie, sits 4 wafer fingers covered with caramel flavour white and milk chocolate. Split into two layers, the bottom is host to caramel milk chocolate and the top, caramel white chocolate. Interesting move Nestle! You can pick these up in most places, particularly the… View Post

Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Buns Selector

It’s snowing Christmas in Hotel Chocolat. Amongst the chocolate boxes, hampers, jolly penguins and snowmen, there’s also the Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Buns Selector. This isn’t actually a newbie, but is one that has been around before, and is back once more.  Last year I tried the Treacle Tart Selectors, which were nice but dubious you could actually tell what they were in a blind taste test. This year I am hoping the Cinnamon Bun can do a little better.  If you aren’t familiar the Selector’s come in at £3.95 a pop or 3 for £10. They are suitable for vegetarians… View Post

McVitie’s Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramels Bits

New biscuit alert! Yes the all rounder Digestive Biscuit has had a bit of a sprucing. McVitie’s has launched a new range of Digestive biscuits in two new flavours. The McVitie’s Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramels Bits and Chocolate and Coconut.  They launched in Asda a few month’s ago, however have only just seen them filter to Tesco, which is where I picked these up. Each pack is £1.25 however you will no doubt be able to find them on offer in one of the supermarkets.   Apparently these new flavours are to entice  youngsters. They aren’t wrong in the… View Post

Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt

Today it is all about the humble yoghurt. Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt to be precise. This is a new brand for me and one that seems to have just popped up into the fresh aisle of the supermarket. From what started as a family business has expanded from a small workshop to a factory but stuck with traditional artisan methods.  Each costs around £1.75 a pop, I have managed to get these on offer recently so were nearer the £1.00. Each 135g pot comes in a glass pot, sealed top and cardboard sleeve. Far better for the environment. I… View Post

Podista Caramel Hot Chocolate

Nespresso Hot Chocolate has been something that we have all but dreamed about, why they haven’t done one yet is beyond me. Nonetheless we finally have Nespresso compatible pods thanks to Mugpods in the form of their Podista range and more specifically, today’s review of the Podista Caramel Hot Chocolate. Picking just one flavour was pretty tricky, there are six varieties on offer which range from the classic chocolate, to mint, hazelnut and of course caramel. Each box comes consists of 10 pods and costs £2.95. To prep and make your hot chocolate it is suggested that you pre-flush for 3… View Post