KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

It’s been a while but the nuts are back with a chocolatey twist. If you read the first nutty review a little while back (if you didn’t it’s here), you will know that I was suitably impressed by theses KIND bars and was eager to try more. Given the lovely people at KIND who indeed live up to their name and sent be a sizeable box of them to try, today it is the turn of the KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars *.  KIND bars are easy peasy to get hold of as they’re sold in many outlets. Supermarkets, Boots, Ocado,… View Post

KIND Sea Salt Nut Bars

I confess I have never had a KIND bar. I cannot really pinpoint as to why but it is just not a snack bar I have ever picked up, however that is all going to change because the lovely people at KIND sent me not one, not two but a whole variety box of the them to try.  First thought – there are SO many flavours! Second Thought – which to start with they all sound delicious! Needless to say I settled on these 3 KIND Sea Salt Nut Bars*. Caramel Almond & Sea Salt, Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt… View Post

Mcvitie’s Digestives Thins Milk and Dark Chocolate

Thins seem to be all the rage, or perhaps it is to coax us into a less guilty state of biscuit eating when we are trying to eat healthy. Nonetheless after my love of the Oreo Thins I was pretty intrigued to see how Mcvitie’s Digestives Thins would pan out.  Aside from today’s offerings of Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Thins, Mcvitie’s Digestives Thins also comes in Cappuccino. Although not one for me I do like they have gone for traditional flavours as well as a flavour they don’t normally do. I found these Milk Chocolate Thins in Tesco Express… View Post

Tesco Strawberry Pepper Dark Chocolate and Toffee Nut Latte Popcorn

Popcorn, it’s a glorious thing, do we all agree? I have tried my fair share and there are an infinite amount of flavour combinations to keep us all going. New on the indulgent bandwagon is Tesco Strawberry Pepper Dark Chocolate and Toffee Nut Latte Popcorn.  Both 170g packets cost £1.79 a piece, a very reasonable price for the more snazzier types of popcorn. Sitting alongside these two Tesco Finest popcorns are Fiery Ginger, Peppermint Cream, and Mango & Coconut, which certainly for Tesco, pushes popcorn to new realms.   Toffee coated popcorn with Strawberry, Black Pepper and Belgian Dark Chocolate Glossy and… View Post

Art Meets Chocolate – Salted Caramel

It is a fine line with salted caramel and one that not everyone can master. We have had some right doozies that have zero salt in or so much salt you could grit your pathways with, and others that have hit the nail right on the head and created something divine (here’s looking at you Superb Salted Peanut Caramel & Lindt Salted Caramel).  I previously reviewed the Art Meets Chocolate Gastown Bar which was the questionable peanut butter and bacon chocolate bar, however you will be pleased to know we are on more safer grounds with today’s review of salted… View Post