White’s Oats Recipes Getting us through Lockdown and Beyond

Oats are a cupboard staple and I bet if you pop into your kitchen you will have box lurking around. Some may say that oats only make an appearance during the colder months, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not only do they get your day off to a good, healthy start, they are also a versatile, delicious and an energy-packed ingredient that can be used in a range of meals and snacks throughout the day. There are of course benefits to eating oats. They’re an excellent source of fibre, protein, and keep you fuller for longer (bonus… View Post

Nature Valley Peanut Chocolate Cups

It has been far too long since we had a peanut butter review. However no credit can be taken for these Nature Valley Peanut Chocolate Cups because this was a little gift, amongst other goodies, from a little Cupcake Snack Warrior!  I have spied these in the supermarkets and are part of Nature Valley’s Nut Butter range. Whether these are more for a snack or brekkie alternative, who knows, either way these are described as follows.  Crunchy biscuit cups with wholegrain oats and chocolate pieces, a chocolate flavoured base, peanut butter flavoured filling and peanut pieces.  Each box comes with… View Post

Hopping into Easter with White’s Oats *

Half way through April and Easter is finally within our sights. Not only do we get the joy that is an eggs-tra long bank holiday weekend, it is also an egg-citing time for food! So to get us there we are hopping into Easter with White’s Oats with some egg-ceptional special recipes, (someone stop me with all these Easter puns!). These recipes are so easy that even the kiddies can get involved with. White’s Oats are once again getting us in the spirit of things. We all know the benefits to including oats in our eats, but sometimes it can get a… View Post

M&S Milk and Cookies Granola

The M&S Christmas range is in full swing and not too long ago I reviewed their Red Velvet Curd. Sadly I wasn’t bowled over by it (read my review here if you missed it) so I am hoping the M&S Milk and Cookies Granola can help put us back on track.  Coming in at £2.50 a 500g box I was most surprised to see it that cheap. Most granolas are averaging around £4.00 so kudos to M&S for keeping this far more affordable and fair. So what can we expect from this granola? Well the description is – ‘Dark chocolate oat… View Post

Breakfast by Bella Peanut Butter Me Up

To say I have been eyeing this granola up for a while would be an understatement. Breakfast by Bella is one of those foodie brands that I unknowingly stumbled across on Instagram and have been hooked on trying some ever since. You can buy online however thankfully patience was in my favour as they were at a local farmers market this month and needless to say I hot footed it down there.  In three simple flavours  – Peanut Butter Me Up, Nutty Nosh and Cacoa Crazy they are all free from refined sugar, are gluten free and contain organic ingredients… View Post