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  • Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn

    Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn
  • KitKat Gold Caramelise Your Break

    KitKat Gold Caramelise Your Break
  • Mint Maltesers Buttons

    Mint Maltesers Buttons
  • Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie

    Great British Biscotti Banoffee Pie
  • McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives

    McVities Marmalade on Toast Digestives
  • McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives

    McVities Cherry Bakewell Digestives
  • New Limited Edition Costa Ruby Hot Chocolate

    New Limited Edition Costa Ruby Hot Chocolate
  • White Chocolate Smarties Buttons

    White Chocolate Smarties Buttons

Party Season is Covered with Funkin Cocktails *

It’s exactly one month to Chirstmas Day, which means party season is almost upon us. You’ve probably heard of Funkin Cocktails after all they are the leading market fruit purée and cocktail mixer brand. Although fun to do, making cocktails can be a bit of a faff and involve ingredients you have never heard of. However things are changing and Funkin Cocktails have got your back. Their range includes pre-made cocktails, cocktail purees, mixers, syrups and party packs. However their newest range to hit shelves, are these ready to drink nitro canned cocktails.  How do these differ from other pre-made cocktails? Well…

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Uncovering the Hidden Gems and Things to Do in Covent Garden *

Covent Garden is one of the hot-spots in London, and is certainly on a tourists must see list. Sitting in the midst of the West End it is easy to dismiss this as just a square with some boujee boutiques, and street performers. It is anything but. In collaboration with I got to go beyond the the main square and discover what hidden gems  Covent Garden has to offer. On a cold Thursday, just after the Christmas Lights had been unveiled, I headed to the big smoke to see what I could find. Amongst the theatres, museums, independent pubs,…

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Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls

It seems that Chocolate Orange is the flavour to be had! We have had the yummy Chocolate Orange Twirls, The Cadbury Orange Mousse Snowman and Hotel Chocolat Orange Chocolate Wafers to name a few. Now it is the turn for these Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls. These were in Tesco and on offer for £1.00. As always there are six in a box which sit in a plastic tray (tut tut). Upon opening the whirls were a wee bit mismatch, with most of the filling splodged out of one side.  The Mr Kipling Chocolate Orange Whirls sit amongst Iced Top…

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Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate *

Today is a trio of gifted chocolate and not just any chocolate. Conscious by name and conscious by nature is their motto and is the UK’s first raw, vegan chocolate brand. Yes it’s the Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate range.  All three bars are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars, soya and palm oil. Everywhere you look they have thought of how to make this bar with as little impact on our planet as possible. Each bar is handcrafted in their Sussex kitchens, which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.  Available in both 30g and 60g bars, you will find…

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Gifted – SodaStream Spirit Hydration, Why Yes it’s Sparkling Water

The SodaStream is well and truly back, and its had a swish makeover! It’s like they read my mind because I’ve wanted to give one a go for ages, and low and behold SodaStream have been kindly gifted me this one*. There is an element of magic when seeing and using a Soda Water Maker.  Gone are the days where there were only a few flavours to choose from. Now the types of drink that you can conjure up are unlimited. From simple sparkling water, to cola, ginger ale, raspberry and mint and pink grapefruit. If you want to mix…

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