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  • White’s Oats Recipes Getting us through Lockdown and Beyond

    White’s Oats Recipes Getting us through Lockdown and Beyond
  • Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies

    Mr Kipling After Dinner Chocolate Orange Fancies
  • Immune Boosting Recipes with Ocean Spray *

    Immune Boosting Recipes with Ocean Spray *
  • McVities’s Pineapple Jaffa Cakes

    McVities’s Pineapple Jaffa Cakes
  • Orange Smarties Buttons

    Orange Smarties Buttons
  • KitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread

    KitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread
  • Metcalfe’s Jumbles Toffee Apple Popcorn

    Metcalfe’s Jumbles Toffee Apple Popcorn
  • Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn

    Metcalfe’s Jumbles Eton Mess Popcorn

Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons

Did you know Smarties have been in the making since 1937? 83 years is a long old time, and 2020 is the year that they have had a little shake up and they now come in button form. As well as Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons, they also come in white and orange flavoured chocolate. There are 2 sizes – single and sharing (which is optional). I am not too sure why the sharing bag weights differ between flavours. The milk chocolate gives you 90g in comparison to 85g with the other two. All three are slowly hitting supermarkets, and I found…

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KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan

If you haven’t already seen KitKat has gone on an adventure and John Lewis have snapped it up. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of their new Chocolatory ranges and thought it was going to be the Gin and Tonic. However I surprised myself by choosing the KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan. If you are lucky enough to live, work or be near John Lewis at Oxford Street or the Trafford Shops, then you can create your own KitKat and feel like a professional chocolatier. You can also get the Best of British selection which frankly…

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Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys

In collaboration with US brand Georgetown Cupcake, Baileys first launched its Red Velvet flavour back in the Autumn. This was strictly available in the US however if you follow on Instagram you may have seen my post about the Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys having crossed the pond to the UK.  It seemed that this was the only way of getting your hands on this limited edition bottle was through The Bottle Club, however that was until I stumbled across it in Costco no less.  You can purchase this through Amazon here and it has also just hit supermarket shelves. Getting a…

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Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

There hasn’t been this much excitement since the Chocolate Orange Twirl (review here if you missed it). It has even been a mission to find these Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs. Not as extensive but still these have been flying off the shelves, and rightly so!  Now I know some may recoil at the very thought of Easter Chocolate in January, and I would include myself in that camp. However when Terry’s Chocolate Orange in mini egg form is on the cards, well frankly all feelings are put aside.  Presently these are exclusives at Tesco. It is unknown if they will…

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Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Buns Selector

It’s snowing Christmas in Hotel Chocolat. Amongst the chocolate boxes, hampers, jolly penguins and snowmen, there’s also the Hotel Chocolat Cinnamon Buns Selector. This isn’t actually a newbie, but is one that has been around before, and is back once more.  Last year I tried the Treacle Tart Selectors, which were nice but dubious you could actually tell what they were in a blind taste test. This year I am hoping the Cinnamon Bun can do a little better.  If you aren’t familiar the Selector’s come in at £3.95 a pop or 3 for £10. They are suitable for vegetarians…

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