McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts

Newness alert! Going above the usual flavour change, we have instead been given the lovechild of the OG Jaffa Cake and delicious donuts; enter the McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts. Not just hell bent on the cake or biscuit debate McVitie’s have now thrown donuts (really it’s doughnuts!!) into the mix. The concept is out there and is bound to shake things up. Currently only available in orange, I highly suspect that other flavours will quickly follow. These were in Tesco for £2.00 or £1.50 if you are a club card member. Each box comes with 4 individually wrapped donuts. The wrappers are… View Post

McVitie’s Strawberry Cheesecake Digestives

Flavoured Digestives are not a new thing and since last year we have had an array of them. From Cherry Bakewell to Lemon Drizzle, Marmalade on Toast and Blood Orange, it’s certainly a far cry from the usual chocolate variety. One of the latest additions to join the family is the McVitie’s Strawberry Cheesecake Digestives. Now you may remember that last year they released a Strawberries & Cream version, so why they have chosen Strawberry Cheesecake so soon after is a mystery. In fact this isn’t the first time strawberry cheesecake has featured as they previously did a filled cream version.… View Post

Maryland Cookies It’s Mint To Be

The track record for different flavoured Maryland Cookies in my opinion has not been great. Their flavour ambitions are up there, it is the execution that lets it down. That being said two new varieties have hit the shelves, one of which are these Maryland Cookies It’s Mint To Be. These new cookies are mint flavoured cookies (obviously) with chocolate chips and sugar pearls. You will now find them in both Sainsbury and Tesco for around £1.35 a pack. It is quite nice to see that they haven’t gone done the chocolate orange route like so many others recently. You… View Post

Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis

Another week another chocolate orange find. It seems we are inundated with new snacks all bearing the orange flavour and the public are LOVING it! These Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis are a new release but in itself the white chocolate version isn’t a newbie and has made a comeback for Christmas.  Coming in at £1.50 a pack these were found in the Co-Op, and seems to be where the majority have been spotted. They are slowly hitting supermarkets so keep your eyes on the aisles.  It has been a while since we have had a review that didn’t fair… View Post

Maryland Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Okay so these Maryland Cookies ‘n’ Cream aren’t strictly new. They certainly won’t be as exciting as the new Mint Choc ones (available in B&M review from Kev here), but that being said they are new to our local Sainsbury’s. If you think of cookies and cream I bet you’re thinking of Oreo’s, because they are kind on the cookies and cream flavour. Many other biscuits have tried to nail it but sadly the Oreo remains champion.  These are available in mainstream supermarkets and cost around 75p – £1.00 a pack. Maryland have expanded their range in a few different… View Post