M&S Lemon Meringue Yumnuts

M&S Lemon Meringue Yumnuts Review

The new desserts have well and truly been hitting up the shelves of M&S, and here we have the M&S Lemon Meringue Yumnuts.

I am still somewhat in a haze of chocolatey delight with the Jaffa Cheesecake slices but in the spirit of summer and freshening up desserts we have pastry, lemon and cream delights on the menu today.

Ordinarily when you think of a yumnut it is more of threesies treat than a dessert. You can purchase these in M&S stores or online at Ocado and are one of three new yumnut varieties to choose from.

These butter enriched yumnuts are filled with lemon curd made with Sicilian lemon juice and British whipped cream and hand-finished with lemon fondant and meringue pieces.

M&S Lemon Meringue YumnutsThe pastry element wasn’t as crisp as you’d like and borderline a little tough. This I think is due to a mix of the cream just sitting upon them and being in the fridge. Flavour wise it was like a little lemon bomb of deliciousness. Sharp, tangy and zingy, the shot of lemon casts doubt that this would be dessert that was too sweet.

On the whole M&S Lemon Meringue Yumnuts are a tangy treat but not being a great lover of cream I doubt they would be purchased again. A lovely idea, little pricey at £5, but if you like cream, pastry and lemon, you will probably love them.

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