Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream

When someone says Cookie Dough Ice Cream there is no denying the mind goes straight to a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Well not today because chocolate has got an upgrade in the form of Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Nestle have already given us Cookie Dough Munchies and theyhave seemingly decided to give it a little twist. You can pick these up in most supermarkets and are £1.50 a pop. It also looks like Nestle hasn’t stopped with just these and has also given an ice cream makeover to Aero Bubbles and Milkybar Buttons *.

Each little cube combines milk chocolate with soft cookie dough flavour filling and a crisp biscuit centre. Anyone else wondering where the ice cream part comes into it and if it is any different to the OG Cookie Dough Munchies?

Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream ReviewThe texture of Munchies are spot on and that little circle of biscuit makes all the difference to the otherwise soft inner. These certainly have an air of cookie dough flavour about them and what is not to love about that! What does baffle the brain is where the ice cream comes into it because that is, as suspected, absent. Nonetheless these Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream are still moreish and the bag will be empty in no time.

Have you given these a go yet?

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