The Naked Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows

Hoppy Easter! Some of you may be tucking into those choccie eggs whilst here we are tucking into The Naked Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows.  Strictly limited edition I decided to treat myself to The Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows, and a few other boxes which were in their sale. There’s a fair few flavours including a couple of vegan options. Prior to the sale these were £6.50, a little more than their standard boxes. However in the sale these were half price.  If you want the full package then they cater for this to. From fondue, s’mores and chocolate… View Post

Mallow & Marsh Peanut Marshmallow Bar

I have finally got my hands on the new Mallow & Marsh Peanut Marshmallow Bar. I have not seen even a smidge of advertising, and I just so happened to have stumbled across a random tweet about one of these and low and behold on my lunch break I spied it in Boots. It must have been fate.  I can’t tell you the last time I have had a Mallow & Marsh marshmallow and I am not even sure why, their Mint Choc ones are my favourite, which ironically seems to be the one bar I think they no longer do.… View Post

Popcorn’s Gone Glamping with Toasted Marshmallow Poshcorn

What do you get if you cross marshmallow and popcorn? Probably a sticky mess if you or I attempted it! Answer: Toasted Marshmallow Poshcorn is what you get. Intrigued? So am I. Tyrrell’s Poshcorn is one of those popcorn brands that I have found hit and miss in flavour. I absolutely adore their Coconut & Caramel but was left deflated by their Strawberries & Cream and bemused by their Bellini Cocktail. However with every new flavour they produce I am eager to try and need to have it in my life, today is no different with it’s combination of two of my… View Post

The Naked Marshmallow Co Boozy Marshmallows

The Naked Marshmallow Co was unbeknown to me until by bestie got me the greatest pressie of all at Christmas – their S’mores Kit. From there I have been keeping one eye on their mallows and couldn’t resist their newest special edition naked marshmallows. Coming in three flavours, Raspberry & Prosecco, Elderflower & Gin and Espresso Martini, I opted for the former two. It is pretty hard to pick just one flavour when it comes to what is on offer (thankfully they do multi-offers), and aside from the generic Vanilla Bean they also do Strawberry & Cream, Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel and… View Post

Miss Millar’s Marvellous Marshmallows

I love getting mail (minus bills obviously) and my postie delivered me some very exciting mail in the form of Miss Millar’s Marvellous Marshmallows. Marshmallows are one of my favourite treats, and an absolute essential at any barbecue! I first met Miss Millar at the Bloggers Food Festival last year and recently she asked if I wanted to try some of her new and improved marshmallows …. I think we all know what my answer was.  With a name like Miss Millar’s Marvellous Marshmallows I was a little giddy when these treats arrived. Pushing the boundaries with flavours these marshmallows are handcrafted by her team from start to… View Post