Maltesers Orange Buttons

Would you believe it’s well over a year since Maltesers gave us the delicious mint choc buttons? Now it’s time for a newbie and unsurprisingly they have jumped on the chocolate flavour of the moment. Of course it is the Maltesers Orange Buttons. It’s funny how when I reviewed the mint choc buttons I was applauding them for not going with the trend. I get why they did this time around given it has been such a consumer favourite, it is jut a shame they haven’t decided to start their own trend. Available in a variety of sizes, you can… View Post

Orange Smarties Buttons

We have had the Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons, the White Chocolate Smarties Buttons, and now it is the turn of the Orange Smarties Buttons. The trio is now complete and these are the ones that most Smarties lovers will be wanting to try, because everyone knows orange Smarties taste the best.  The milk and white chocolate varieties are widely available both in supermarkets and sizes. However these Orange Smarties Buttons are exclusive to Asda, and are only available in an 85g sharing bag. Sharing is of course optional.   They are little boring to even look at, especially in comparison to… View Post

Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons

Did you know Smarties have been in the making since 1937? 83 years is a long old time, and 2020 is the year that they have had a little shake up and they now come in button form. As well as Milk Chocolate Smarties Buttons, they also come in white and orange flavoured chocolate. There are 2 sizes – single and sharing (which is optional). I am not too sure why the sharing bag weights differ between flavours. The milk chocolate gives you 90g in comparison to 85g with the other two. All three are slowly hitting supermarkets, and I found… View Post

Beaulieu Chocolate Studio Forest Fruit

Beaulieu Chocolate Studio is nestled in the New Forest and they create contemporary and local speciality chocolates which are all hand-made using fresh an where possible local ingredients. Beaulieu Chocolate Studio Forest Fruit bar is another newbie for me. Perusing their website is both a must but also dangerous, there are some serious delights on there. Amaretti (WANT), Banoffee, Coconut and Rocky Road chocolate, to chocolate shaped novelty items, speciality pieces and hot chocolate. This is a chocoholics mini paradise. At £3.95 a bar it is on the pricer side for chocolate, so let’s see if it is worth it. Handmade… View Post

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Oreo

Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing says love like chocolate so naturally that is the theme today. Yesterday saw the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Peanut Butter Oreo bar which didn’t exactly fair well, but today is a new day and its compadre Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Oreo is here.  I am not usually a mint chocolate fan unless it’s those After Eight Sticks they did, they were glorious. However as I was pretty impressed with the Oreo Mint Cookies and I thought this bar was worth a shot. Costing a joyful £1.00 for a 120g bar, I found this in Sainsbury’s no less.  Milk chocolate… View Post