Maltesers Orange Buttons

Would you believe it’s well over a year since Maltesers gave us the delicious mint choc buttons? Now it’s time for a newbie and unsurprisingly they have jumped on the chocolate flavour of the moment. Of course it is the Maltesers Orange Buttons. It’s funny how when I reviewed the mint choc buttons I was applauding them for not going with the trend. I get why they did this time around given it has been such a consumer favourite, it is jut a shame they haven’t decided to start their own trend. Available in a variety of sizes, you can… View Post

Limited Edition Yorkie Orange

It seems that not a week goes by without another chocolate orange goodie hitting the shelves.  Whilst it feels like there isn’t anything else that can be made into orange flavouring, the latest is probably the most exciting release for sometime. Of course I am talking about the new Limited Edition Yorkie Orange. Finding these was like the Orange Twirl all over again, all hope was waining until they popped up in the local Londis. You can also find these in Co-Op, Poundland, B&M. With its seriously classic chunky pieces this bar is creamier than other chocolate bars. There is… View Post

Terry’s Chocolate Orange White Mini Eggs

Another new chocolate orange goodie to add to the ever growing number on the shelves. Terry’s Chocolate Orange White Mini Eggs are here and after the joy of the OG flavour last year (review here), can these be a winner too? Terry’s first treated us to the mini white segments late last year, and I have to say I was not a fan in the slightest. In each 80g bag there are egg-shaped white chocolates flavoured with orange oil with a crispy coloured sugar shell. These were picked up from Tesco for £1.00 a pack, and they have been spotted in… View Post

Burley Fudge Chocolate Orange Fudge

Situated in the small village of Burley in the heart of the New Forest, this family run business has been hand making fudge since 1998. Today’s review of the Burley Fudge Chocolate Orange Fudge seems quite apt given we appear to be in the midst of a choccie orange explosion.  I first came across Burley Fudge after searching for a small business local foodie gift. It went down so well that it got reciprocated and a little fudge pressie was sent my way too. There is quite the selection of fudges, some unexpected, and most definitely at least one for… View Post

Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis

Another week another chocolate orange find. It seems we are inundated with new snacks all bearing the orange flavour and the public are LOVING it! These Terry’s White Chocolate Orange Minis are a new release but in itself the white chocolate version isn’t a newbie and has made a comeback for Christmas.  Coming in at £1.50 a pack these were found in the Co-Op, and seems to be where the majority have been spotted. They are slowly hitting supermarkets so keep your eyes on the aisles.  It has been a while since we have had a review that didn’t fair… View Post