KitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread

KitKat has had another upgrade and this time we have gold wrapping! Yes it is the trio of KitKat Senses which combines the classic wafer and chocolate combo with a thick creamy filling that is infused with an indulgent flavour. But what indulgent flavour I hear you ask? Well there is KitKat Senses Millionaires Shortbread, Cookie Dough or Salted Caramel.  Frankly I am a little over salted caramel, been there and everyone has done it. Cookie dough sounds delicious but their original KitKat Cookie Dough was lack lustre. So that leaves millionaires shortbread, which stand alone is one of the… View Post

KitKat Gold Caramelise Your Break

KitKat have had a steady flow of flavours, however more recently they have ramped it up. There’s been the standard KitKat Ruby, KitKat Senses and KitKat Chunky Protein, to the more luxurious Chocolatory range. So what’s the latest to join the family? It’s the KitKat Gold.  In its shimmering gold packaging that’s enough to attract any magpie, sits 4 wafer fingers covered with caramel flavour white and milk chocolate. Split into two layers, the bottom is host to caramel milk chocolate and the top, caramel white chocolate. Interesting move Nestle! You can pick these up in most places, particularly the… View Post

KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan

If you haven’t already seen KitKat has gone on an adventure and John Lewis have snapped it up. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of their new Chocolatory ranges and thought it was going to be the Gin and Tonic. However I surprised myself by choosing the KitKat Chocolatory Springtime In Japan. If you are lucky enough to live, work or be near John Lewis at Oxford Street or the Trafford Shops, then you can create your own KitKat and feel like a professional chocolatier. You can also get the Best of British selection which frankly… View Post

KitKat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

It has been a while since we have had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut on the blog. This is firstly because I no longer work in a town with a Krispy Kreme shop/stall (I know what sorcery is this). And two because the recent additions haven’t exactly been over enticing. That being said the new KitKat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts had me intrigued and wanting to give them a go.  Signature doughnut, dipped in milk chocolate or White Chocolate flavour icing, topped with crushed KitKat pieces and a milk / white chocolate KitKat Bite.  I love a KitKat and I love the original glazed Krispy Kreme so… View Post

Nestle KitKat Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate has been gathering pace and Nestle have certainly helped to bring this a little more mainstream with their KitKat Ruby Chocolate.  Originally only available in Tesco, these bars have gravitated and I found this single bar in Sainsbury’s for 60p. You may have even spied the Easter Egg, which was tempting!  What makes ruby chocolate so special? A number of years ago cocoa experts discovered components of certain cocoa beans could produce a chocolate with an exceptional flavour and colour. This gorgeously coloured Ruby cocoa bean offers a totally new taste experience, and I couldn’t be more excited… View Post