Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

There hasn’t been this much excitement since the Chocolate Orange Twirl (review here if you missed it). It has even been a mission to find these Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs. Not as extensive but still these have been flying off the shelves, and rightly so! 

Now I know some may recoil at the very thought of Easter Chocolate in January, and I would include myself in that camp. However when Terry’s Chocolate Orange in mini egg form is on the cards, well frankly all feelings are put aside. 

Presently these are exclusives at Tesco. It is unknown if they will be rolled out to other supermarkets, however chances are they will be. Each bag is a £1.00 for 80g and they aren’t part of any offers at the moment. 

These are ‘Egg-shaped milk chocolates flavoured with orange oil with a crispy coloured sugar shell’. Doesn’t quite sell it to you really. Nonetheless let’s get tasting. 

Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs ReviewPer 6: 117 kcal, 3.6g sat fat, 14g sugars, 1,5g protein 

I don’t think you can get more vibrant than these eggs, and was actually taken aback by how orange they are! These are like for like with Mini Eggs. A crisp outer shell that gives way to a thick creamy chocolate inner.  These are heavenly! Deliciously orangey, milky creamy chocolate with crunchy shell to break things up. If you love Terry’s Chocolate Orange, or just orange chocolate, then you will LOVE these! 

It’s safe to say that these Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs are going to be a taste hit. At the very least they will be available until Easter (April 12th 2020). If you love chocolate orange then I wouldn’t hang around for Easter, treat yourself to a bag now. 

Have you tried these yet? 

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