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Golden Fords Candles of Guildford Orange Cranberry and Cinnamon Review

I have too many candles, said no-one ever! Since my last post reviewing their taster pack, Golden Fords Candles has expanded into new fragrances, wax melts, and even reed diffusers. So when asked if I would like a cotton wick candle to try, frankly I couldn’t quite believe it. A speedy delivery and a few other goodies the Golden Fords Orange, Cranberry and Cinnamon Candle was delivered.

Golden Fords Candles are based on a little farm on the doorstep of Chantry Woods. Here each candle and wax melt they make is 100% natural using ethically sourced wax, hand poured and scented in small batches. The price point for a full size 400g candle is £25.00, and you can choose from wood wick or the new cotton wick. Bigger than anticipated, this hunk of a jar will give you 63 hours burn time.

This limited edition Orange, Cranberry and Cinnamon candle consists of … “a fruity, floral combination of cranberries followed by orange and cinnamon with floral back notes of jasmine and lily on a base of sandal, cedar, musk, vanilla and sugar”

This wouldn’t have been a fragrance I’d have chosen myself. I am always a little wary of Christmassy fragrances as they can be really overpowering with pine, orange, or cinnamon. However after unwrapping this I instantly knew I loved it, to the point I just kept smelling it even when it wasn’t on (someone please tell me they do this too!).

Golden Fords Orange, Cranberry and Cinnamon Candle review nibbles n scribblesGolden Fords Orange, Cranberry and Cinnamon Candle

The first burn is the most important and will lay the land on whether your candle will tunnel. Although apprehensive that 1 wick would not be enough for this sized candle, it burnt well with little waste. The aroma is much softer than others which lends itself to being the perfect candle for any occasion, and defiantly not just for Christmas. It isn’t predominately one fragrance and is a real mixture of them all. Cinnamon doesn’t come through for me and is more of a balanced fruity, slightly sweet candle.

The packaging is all recyclable and they have now introduced a trial free returns service when you order again, and all returned jars can be reused again, hello sustainability! What I’d like to see is the option to add a lid that would fit all the jars so it cleanly snuffs out the candle.

I adore this candle and would advocate for it to become a permanent addition. The fragrance is light, travels throughout the home, and is a lovely addition. Even unlit you still get wafts of the candle. Although not in this fragrance, I like the ability to choose a wood wick vs cotton wick, and will ultimately come down to personal preference. An excellent gift option, because really who doesn’t love a luxury candle.

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*This candle was gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

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