Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys

Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys

In collaboration with US brand Georgetown Cupcake, Baileys first launched its Red Velvet flavour back in the Autumn. This was strictly available in the US however if you follow on Instagram you may have seen my post about the Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys having crossed the pond to the UK. 

It seemed that this was the only way of getting your hands on this limited edition bottle was through The Bottle Club, however that was until I stumbled across it in Costco no less.  You can purchase this through Amazon here and it has also just hit supermarket shelves.

Getting a darn good Red Velvet Cake is hard to come buy and often lacks in either the flavour of the sponge, or the frosting being a bit off. So how they are going to get this scarlet-coloured sponge with chocolate flavouring and yummy frosting into drink form, is going to be a challenge. 

Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys ReviewRed Velvet Cupcake Baileys 

Hoping it wasn’t just a caramel colour it was pleasing to see that they had chosen a gorgeous pinky reddish colour. Not quite red velvet in colour but nice enough. There are several ways you can enjoy this. The traditional on the rocks, as a cupcake shot topped with whipped cream or pouring over your favourite dessert. 

Taste wise there was a distinct difference from the original. Not as sweet as you might think, there was an element of chocolate cake to this. Now don’t expect a rich slab of chocolate cake, it is more of a subtle taste of cocoa. There are promises of notes of “a dollop of cream cheese frosting,” but I think that is a bit optimistic. There is no tanginess, that could be a bit odd and make you feel it is on the turn. The fact it is less sweet is a bonus. 

On the whole it isn’t a complete like for like, but this Red Velvet Cupcake Baileys is still delicious. A nice Baileys alternative and perhaps one for Valentine’s Day. 

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  1. Anna
    4th February 2020 / 8:45 pm

    Love that this has come to the UK. One of my faves next to the salted caramel Baileys

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