Milka Chips Ahoy!

Milka Chips Ahoy! Bar

Ahhh Milka it has been a while. Milka is another one of those chocolate bars where the UK seems to have a real lack of variety in comparison to other countries and seems to think that this is okay. It isn’t! Combining brands seems to be a common theme and to be fair if you can bring two great things together to make one amazing one then who am I to say no and I certainly won’t be declining today’s review of Milka Chips Ahoy!

What I like about Milka is their dreamy creamy milk chocolate that with very little effort literally melts in the mouth. The last time I had tried Chips Ahoy! cookies was when they released their Red Velvet cookies and aside from that I cannot recall having any others. 

Sadly I have not seen Milka Chips Ahoy! in UK stores and this was purchased in Spain. You can however get this bar on Amazon. 

Milka Chips Ahoy!In comparison to the Cadbury, the Milka squares are larger and flatter thus giving it a more even combination of the two elements. As expected the milk chocolate was thick, creamy and delicious, far more like the quality you expect from a chocolate bar. The thick cream like centre sandwiched between the chocolate was sweet and had a slightly grainy texture to it, which gave it a crushed up biscuit texture. You can just about see the chunks of cookie in there, sadly these are few and far between and I would like to have seen more and this would have helped with having more of a cookie flavour. 

On a blind taste test you are not going to be able to put money on it being Chips Ahoy! but you can tell that it has a biscuit / cookie centre. That being said I enjoyed this Milka Chips Ahoy! bar and had no qualms about eating it all. It isn’t anything special but it hit my chocolate craving. 

Do you have a favourite combination chocolate bar? Is there one that I need to be trying?

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