Mint Maltesers Buttons

Mint Maltesers Buttons New

Shut the front door we have only been given Mint Maltesers Buttons! Usually such variations are reserved for Australia (FYI they have some awesome sounding Maltesers) but not today, because these Mint Maltesers Buttons have landed! 

I am surprised they didn’t go for an orange theme given the epic Twirl, delicious Terry Mini Eggs and Mr Kipling Whirls. I applaud them not going with the trend. In fact they haven’t just stopped at buttons, they’ve also given us a mint ice cream lolly.

Available in a variety of sizes, you can pick them up in most supermarkets, B&M and Poundland. Cost wise depends on the size, Poundland are doing bags with some extra fee. 

Mint Maltesers ButtonsWell what can I say about these Mint Malteser Buttons? They have a subtle and fresh mint flavour, but don’t loose their chocolatey taste. The milk chocolate is as expected, and has some creaminess to it. Don’t be put off by the honeycombed pieces because they give these large buttons some crunch factor that works nicely with the mint chocolate. 

These Mint Maltesers Buttons are a little moreish. It is nice to see they have given us something a little different to the norm. They aren’t groundbreaking, but as a little snack or pick me up, they do the trick!

What flavour would you like to see them do? 

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