Café Royal Caramel Nespresso Compatible

Cafe Royal Caramel Capsules

Not even a year old and yet the Nespresso machine in our house is still Daddio’s favourite gadget, and he always has his eye on the Nespresso capsules when shopping. In Sainsbury’s we spied these Café Royal Caramel capsules that are compatable with Nespresso, and is the first flavoured compatible capsule we have seen, thus decided to take the plunge. 

Cafe Royal Caramel Capsules

Presented in a compact cardboard box, these Café Royal Caramel capsules were £3 for 10, not too bad a price for a flavoured number. Daddio opted for a longer drink of 2 capsules and hot frothy milk albeit our Nespresso Aeroccino appears to no longer actual froth all milk, if anyone could assist in this matter it would be greatly appreciated……..

Cafe Royal Caramel Capsules

As soon as the Nespresso was working its magic a strong sweet caramel aroma filled the kitchen. I must say as a non-coffee drinker it really was very enticing and I almost went in for a sip. Here’s what Daddio thought of the Café Royal Caramel Coffee – Even with the added milk the caramel coffee was rich, decadent and had an intense coffee flavour. It’s nice to see that the caramel was not overpowering nor took away from the fact it was a flavoured cup of coffee. The caramel was as caramelly as it smelled and surprisingly wasn’t so sweet that the last mouth mouthful sent you over the sickly sweet edge. More of a once in a while number than an everyday coffee, but pleasant nonetheless.

There we have it. Café Royal Caramel seems to be a winner here. 

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