Terry’s Chocolate Orange White Mini Eggs

Another new chocolate orange goodie to add to the ever growing number on the shelves. Terry’s Chocolate Orange White Mini Eggs are here and after the joy of the OG flavour last year (review here), can these be a winner too? Terry’s first treated us to the mini white segments late last year, and I have to say I was not a fan in the slightest. In each 80g bag there are egg-shaped white chocolates flavoured with orange oil with a crispy coloured sugar shell. These were picked up from Tesco for £1.00 a pack, and they have been spotted in… View Post

Maltesers Chocolate Orange Bunny

Pinch punch first of the month!!! The Maltesers Chocolate Orange Bunny seems to have taken the internet by storm and were hotly anticipated when their release was spoken about. Fast forward a few months and the Easter treats are on the shelves and these bunnies are now creeping into stores. Each milk chocolate bunny has a crunchy and creamy orange flavoured Malteser centre and were on offer in Tesco for £1.20. You can also pick them up at B&M, Iceland and Amazon*. Is it just me or are these bunnies chunkier than their reindeer friends? Normally the chocolate isn’t all that… View Post

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

There hasn’t been this much excitement since the Chocolate Orange Twirl (review here if you missed it). It has even been a mission to find these Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs. Not as extensive but still these have been flying off the shelves, and rightly so!  Now I know some may recoil at the very thought of Easter Chocolate in January, and I would include myself in that camp. However when Terry’s Chocolate Orange in mini egg form is on the cards, well frankly all feelings are put aside.  Presently these are exclusives at Tesco. It is unknown if they will… View Post

The Naked Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows

Hoppy Easter! Some of you may be tucking into those choccie eggs whilst here we are tucking into The Naked Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows.  Strictly limited edition I decided to treat myself to The Marshmallow Co Mini Egg Marshmallows, and a few other boxes which were in their sale. There’s a fair few flavours including a couple of vegan options. Prior to the sale these were £6.50, a little more than their standard boxes. However in the sale these were half price.  If you want the full package then they cater for this to. From fondue, s’mores and chocolate… View Post

Hopping into Easter with White’s Oats *

Half way through April and Easter is finally within our sights. Not only do we get the joy that is an eggs-tra long bank holiday weekend, it is also an egg-citing time for food! So to get us there we are hopping into Easter with White’s Oats with some egg-ceptional special recipes, (someone stop me with all these Easter puns!). These recipes are so easy that even the kiddies can get involved with. White’s Oats are once again getting us in the spirit of things. We all know the benefits to including oats in our eats, but sometimes it can get a… View Post