Gü Mousse Fusions Strawberry

Gu Strawberry Mousse Fusions

A little while back I reviewed the new Gü Fusions Mango and Passionfruit Mousse and it was to die for so I was hoping for similar things with their other variety Gü Mousse Fusions Strawberry. It seems like an obvious flavour choice and I kind of wish they had gone for something a little different, but you can’t really go wrong with strawberry.

The aim of this new range is to make us adults happy. Research suggests that chilled mousse is predominantly aimed at kiddies and Gu wanted to give something a tad more premium that we adults would love, and who are we to deny them of this. 

Gü Mousse Fusions StrawberryDelve into the fusion of smashed strawberry & tangy compote with a hint of balsamic, before floating into a strawberry bubble mousse. 

Again this was from Tesco and was on offer for £1.00. They are now available in pretty much every store so getting your hands on these won’t be an issue. Given they are all a mousse they’re sadly not vegetarian friendly. 

Gu Strawberry MoussePer pot: 108 kcal, 4.6g sat fat, 7.5g sugar, 1.7g protein

Unlike the Mango and Passionfruit Mousse this didn’t have a slight firmness to it, but was still delightfully airy despite the lack of bubbles. The strawberry was sweet and tangy which I thought was odd until I actually read that it has a tangy compote with a hint of balsamic. The fruity flavour wasn’t as strong as I would have liked, particularly for the mousse but was still a nice little dessert pot. 

If you want to choose one of the fruity ones I would certainly go for the Mango and Passionfruit, it had far more pizazz and felt more indulgent than the strawberry. 

Do you have a favourite Gü dessert? 

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