Caramel M&M’s Are Finally a Thing!

Caramel M&M's

First there were the Candy Corn M&M’s, then the Minty ones and the slightly bizarre Strawberry Nut. I know I said I wasn’t going to partake in anymore M&M’s for a while, but things change and I am a sucker for the variations. The quest continues today with Caramel M&M’s 

Whilst perusing American Fizz, I don’t know why I kid myself and even look thinking I won’t buy anything, but anyway there I was looking for something new and exciting and among other things I purchased, I spied this ‘share’ size bag of M&M’s. 

After much anticipation these were released in America in May and are imminently due to be rolled out to Australian shores, heck they may have even landed by now. Once again us Brits are not included and who knows if these will ever reach us, most likely not. Some will be pleased to hear these Caramel ones are a permanent fixture in the M&M family, so no need to necessarily rush out and buy them. 

Personally I cannot believe it has taken this long for Caramel M&M’s to even be a thing, it’s such chocolate combo basics I am a little disappointed they are so behind in the times. For a total of £2.29 they are expensive for a diddy bag of chocolate but it’s an import so let’s suck it up and see if they live up to my caramelly expectations. 

Caramel M&M's Per 1/2 pack: 190kcal, 5g sat fat, 26g sugar, 2g protein

Not dissimilar to the standard M&M’s you wouldn’t necessarily know what is lurking inside these rounded beauties, especially as this is technically the first near on squidgy centre. Sadly these weren’t all gooey in the middle as the picture on the front suggests, however I am sure they would be runnier if it had been warmer. There was quite a hunk of chewy buttery caramel in there that worked well with the sweet chocolate and crispy shell. The caramel flavour was instant with the chocolate creeping on in and taking over. In a bizarre way they reminded me of a reverse version of Cadbury’s Eclairs. Like most M&M’s these were incredibly sweet, so much so you can practically taste the E Numbers! 

I have to say these Caramel M&M’s were pretty good. How could they not be really, it’s chocolate and caramel after all! They’re sweet, a little moreish and if you need a sugar hit well these are going to have you bouncing off the walls. These aren’t enough to pip the Peanut Butter M&M’s, I am not sure anything will beat them to be fair, but nonetheless one to give a go. 

I am still desperate to try the S’mores and White Chocolate version so if anyone has tried them please let me know your thoughts.

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