Tenzing Natural Energy Drink

Tenzing Natural Energy Drink

Sometimes you need a little help to get that pep in your step. I am not one for energy drinks, they cram goodness knows what in there and they taste pretty grim. Tenzing Natural Energy Drink * is trying to change all that by giving us a drink that is a whole can of natural goodness. 

Tenzing have set out to create a drink that is high quality, and gives a powerful yet natural source of energy. Inspired after stumbling across the energising brew of the Himalaya Sherpas, Tenzing has combined 6 key ingredients from nature which include himalayan rock salt, green tea, beet sugar, lemon juice, guarana and green coffee. 

Currently these are only sold in a few outlets or you can purchase them on their website for £1.49 per can plus shipping. With 58 kcal per 250ml 100% recyclable can, this is certainly much lower than the standard every drinks of this size have. 

Tenzing Natural EnergyA natural sparkling energy drink with herbal extracts and natural flavourings

This isn’t the greatest smelling drinks and to me it smells a little like old beer with a tad of fruitiness. There’s a definite sweetness that comes through not surprising as this does pack 13g sugar. Flavour wise it is hard to pinpoint exactly how to describe it, it’s quite non-descip however it is nicer than the generic ones on the basis this doesn’t have that artificial syrup twang.

Personally the likelihood of me buying this again is extremely slim, energy drinks just aren’t for me and I can’t really say that I felt anymore energised from drinking this. If energy drinks are your thing then perhaps switching to a natural version like the Tenzing Natural Energy Drink maybe a better choice. Better still 5% of all profits from Tenzing are invested in environmental projects.

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*A huge thank you to Spring Tonic PR for sending me this free sample to try. All opinions are my own.

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