Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake

I have spied the Oreo Cheesecake lurking in the freezer aisle many times. Always tempted but never taken the plunge, until today. I love Oreos as much as the next person but am dubious of frozen desserts, and after the Oreo Yoghurt I am right to have my reservations. 

This 350g cheesecake was £3.00 from Sainsbury’s which I thought was a very reasonable price indeed. When it came to how to actually get the cheesecake out the plastic casing, the instructions were not brilliant. FYI the easiest way is to cut diagonal slits into the case and pull apart. To defrost remove from packaging, pop on a plate and leave in the fridge for 4 hours. 

Oreo CheesecakeAn Oreo Biscuit Crumb Base and Topping with a Vanilla Flavour Cheesecake Filling with Pieces of Oreo Biscuit Topped with a Whole Mini Oreo Biscuit. 

The ratio of filling to base was good and the addition of Oreo pieces within the filling gave it some much needed texture. If I am being picky I would have liked a firmer chunkier base, using such crushed up Oreos meant it was quite refined and thus crumblier than normal. I much preferred the filling to normal cheesecake, it was light, creamy and on the air of mousse with a lovely vanilla flavouring that reminded me of a Mr Whippy. I do however question why there is only one mini Oreo on top, bit stingy if you ask me, there should be at least 6 to match the number of servings to avoid any squabbles. 

This Oreo Cheesecake is a far better version than the Oreo Yoghurt we saw a few months ago. It was tasty, like a giant creamy Oreo and something I would buy again. If you are an avid cheesecake lover this may not be your cup of tea as the filling didn’t have the firm thickness that cheesecake does, but overall a winner for me. 

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