Hotel Chocolat Pecan Danish Selectors

Hotel Chocolat Pecan Danish

The clocks have gone back, autumn is well and truly upon us and the new seasonal choccies are on the shelves. Today’s review is a truly autumnal comforting sweet treat with these Hotel Chocolat Pecan Danish Selectors.

It can safely be said that Hotel Chocolat is firm fave on this blog. The flavours, varieties of choclate whether it be solid, filled or even liquid, it is not hard to find something to buy!

These cup shaped selectors are my favourite style, they always seem to give a better ratio of filling. Each of these 6 cups is filled with maple, pecan, caramel with buttery wafer and crushed feuilletine.

Hotel Chocolat Pecan Danish Selectors

Look at that inner! Each layer is distinctive and the caramel holds its own which is much better than it running out all over the place. There is no denying the caramel flavour which has a darker depth to it. As a result these weren’t too sweet and had an undeniable nuttiness to it.  The chocolate is thick and creamy, and using dark chocolate gave it a slight bitterness. The additional layer of buttery wafer is a nice touch to add some well needed texture that you didn’t even know you needed.

On the whole these Hotel Chocolat Pecan Danish Selectors are another win. They are richer than others and although a touch more maple is needed, the pecan nuttiness paired with the caramel and chocolate is spot on.

What’s your favourite from Hotel Chocolat?

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