Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons

Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons Review

Move over chocolate orange there is a new flavour back in town and that is mint chocolate. Of course this is not a new flavour duo but seems to be making a comeback. Cadbury have given us two new products and first up it’s the Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons.

I have not seen these anywhere other than Tesco. Each pack of Buttons is RRP £1.00 and accompanying these buttons is the new Cadbury Mint Choc Fingers.

Cadbury Mint Chocolate ButtonsFirst thoughts were wow these were exceptionally minty and sweet. Fast forward a few days and a packet and a half later, and these have well and truly grown on me. The milk chocolate was a middle of the row choice, dark would certainly been the preference and thankfully they didn’t go white choclate because that would have been a disastrous combo.

Cadbury Mint Chocolate Buttons are creamy, milky, minty and become slightly addictive. They are not  as good as the Chocolate Orange Buttons but I think you mint choc lovers will enjoy them. I highly anticipate that more mint chocolate varieties will be hitting the shelves soon, I wonder what will be next.

Have you tried these yet?

Stay tuned for the Mint Chocolate Fingers.

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