Limited Edition The Collective Coconut, Rum ‘n’ Pineapple

The Collective Dairy Coconut, Rum 'n' Pineapple

For someone who has never really liked coconut in anything other than a Malibu and Coke (don’t judge me), I have recently been eating more and more coconut flavoured foods and loving them, and I am hoping to add The Collective Coconut, Rum ‘n’ Pineapple yoghurt to that list. 

I have tried quite a few of The Collective yoghurts, FYI Mango is my favourite, and mostly they have always faired pretty well. The last yoghurt of theirs I tried which had a boozy element to it was their Raspberry Trifle and sadly the amaretto was lack lustre so I am little apprehensive about whether the rum will be the same. Obviously we don’t want a yoghurt that is stinking of alcohol but you have to at least be able to taste it. 

Limited Edition The Collective Coconut, Rum 'n' Pineapple

The description alone makes me want to dive right in – ‘Creamy coconut mingles it up with juicy pineapple pieces while lounging over our thick signature gourmet yoghurt. But wait, we couldn’t leave it there… we’ve also added a generous splash of Jamaican rum to really bring on a tropical vibe, no bull!’

Suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free, I am not sure how long this limited edition one is out for, but I am guessing throughout the summer, because if coconut and pineapple doesn’t scream summer I don’t know what does. 

The Collective Coconut, Rum 'n' PineapplePer 100g: 120 kcal, 3.4g sat fat, 11.7g sugar, 5.1g protein

Coconut and pineapple we are talking a tropical paradise here. Make sure you give it a good swirl to ensure the pineapple mixes in well. Hidden within the pocket of yellow were little chunks of pineapple which not only added to the flavour and made for a nice surprise, but also provided some texture to this thick and creamy yoghurt. The flavour was on point with the coconut being the primary flavour and the pineapple coming in right behind to produce in essence a pina colada that you can enjoy at any time of the day. There was a little rum flavour to which made me very happy that this is the full package as promised. 

This Collective Dairy Coconut, Rum ‘n’ Pineapple yoghurt is absolutely delicious and is in fact my new favourite from them. It literally screams summer and is a great new edition to the range even if it is just for a limited time only. I would absolutely recommend giving this one a try.

Now what I would really love to see from The Collective is a peachy yoghurt, that really could be wonderful. 

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