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It’s round two of the new Cadbury chocolate bars. After Simply the Zest being exactly as the name suggests, it is going to be a tough one to beat. And taking on that challenge is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Raspberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar. 

As mentioned in my previous review – here if you missed it. Cadbury have three new chocolate bars all of which were created by chocoholics as part of Cadbury’s inventor’s competition. It is then up to us to vote for one to be triumphant and be a permanent fixture. 

This bar is made up of milk chocolate studded with raspberry pieces, white crisp pearls and shortcake. In theory this should be grand given raspberry and chocolate are a golden match. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Raspberry Shortcake BarPer 6 chunks: 144 kcal, 4.5g sat fat, 15g sugar, 2g protein

In comparison the filling here was in abundance and you couldn’t move for the raspberry and biscuity pieces. The shortcake biscuit certainly broke up the relatively creamier chocolate texture, and again reminded me of their Tiffin bar. That being said the raspberry needed to be the star of the show here, and yet it was mostly MIA. It just didn’t pack a punch. I’d have expected a little tartness to the raspberry but mostly the fruity flavour was undetectable in most chocolatey chunks. Where it did shine through it was slightly chewy and nice paired with the chocolate. If only the whole bar was like it. Nonetheless though, on the whole this bar was disappointing.

I really thought that this Cadbury Dairy Milk Raspberry Shortcake bar was going to be the one. However when you compare it to Simply the Zest there just was no competition. Of the two I’d reach for the orange every time.

Have you tried these new bars yet? Which would you vote for?

Only one bar will be crowned the winner so support your favourite at

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