Cadbury Dinky Deckers

Dinky Deckers

With a name like Dinky Deckers I just couldn’t not try them. Dinky Deckers join a few other mini chocolatey treats on offer including Snickers Bites which I absolutely loved. I have heard mixed reviews on these bites so let’s see which way the scales sway. 

Again I picked these up in Waitrose for £1.99 for a 120g pouch. These are slightly less in weight to the Snickers Bites. I am intrigued as to why Cadbury’s decided to miniaturise the Double Decker as I don’t really see it as a popular chocolate bar. 

Dinky Deckers CadburyMilk chocolates with smooth, chewy nougat and crisp, crunchy cereal filling

Wow these really do live up to the name because they are dinky and very thin. I really expected them to be chunkier however they were pretty flat as a pancake. They were super crunchy with the thin coating of Cadbury chocolate trying to bring it all together, unsuccessfully I may add. These were incredibly sweet and it did take away from the chocolate flavouring. Unsurprisingly the chewy nougat was not at all present both to the eye and taste, and was lost within all that crunchy cereal filling.

Dinky Deckers just don’t work. If they were chunkier then I think it would aid with the nougat coming through, however without that these are just very sweet crunchy pieces of cereal. These are very much a let down and not at all worth it. If Double Deckers are your thing, simply go and buy a normal one! 

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  1. Cupcake
    3rd November 2016 / 5:28 pm

    I am not sure I see the point in these bags of mini chocs.. They all seem a bit dodge? I had the Twix ones and they were so gritty, yuck and nothing like an actual Twix! It beggars the question why it appears so difficult for the various brands to pull off? We need answer Peanut! xx

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