Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime Gin

Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime Premium Gin

Their cider may have been our summer companions but things maybe about to change. Yes after hitting Greene King pubs, the shelves are now being stocked with Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime Gin. Using one of their best selling cider flavours was a really smart move in their first step into the spirit world, and is sure to hook Kopparberg fans in.

So what’s the deal with Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime Gin?

“Kopparberg Premium Gin is double distilled over a two-week period. Distilled fermented grain is flavoured through a re-distillation of natural ingredients including Juniper, coriander, lime and strawberry.”  Sounds good so far. 

Available in Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado each 70cl bottle retails at £22. This bottle was from Sainsbury’s where it is/ has been on offer for £20. Not a great saving but still a saving. There are also pre-mixed cans with lemonade which is a more recent addition. 

Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime GinKopparberg Premium Gin is infused with juniper, coriander and the natural flavours of strawberry and lime

As recommended the first taste was with lemonade and strawberries. We all love a coloured gin and opting for a strawberry pink hue was a perfect first choice. The strawberry is more prominent in the smell and gives a slight sweetness that takes the edge off of the lime. The zesty lime  pairs well with the lemonade and I can see why they recommended this. To get the full taste you are going to have to have more than a single shot (oh if you insist!). Adding in a few strawberries as well is also recommended especially when you get to eat them at the end!! In comparison to their cider flavour this is a lot less sweet which I preferred. 

There is a real summer feel to this Gin, which isn’t surprising given their cider is one of the kings and queens of summer drinks. You could absolutely get in a wee bit of trouble with this one. I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting a great deal from this new gin, however what an opener from Kopparberg. 

That’s not all, just like that there is a new addition to their Gin Family – Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Premium Gin available now for a limited time at Asda.

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