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Homecrafted Candle Co Wax Melts Rhubarb and Mint and White Peach

Whilst candles will forever be my no 1, a new little love affair has bloomed with wax melts once again. After following over on Insta I knew a purchase was going to be made imminently for some Home Crafted Candle Co Wax Melts.

Born in 2020 this small business is in its infancy and was started in a little kitchen in Birmingham. Each wax melt bar is handmade using 100% soy wax, dried flowers, botanicals and the finest of fragrances. The packaging used is as much recycled and recyclable material as possible.

Honestly what made me choose the wax melts over the candle version was that it gave a chance to test the fragrance, it was less expensive and free postage. Each wax melt bar cost £4.99 and a bar will burn for approximately 60 hours. I purchased over on their Etsy shop but you can also go direct to their website where there is more of a choice, as well as the option of gift and subscription boxes.

Which to choose will be tricky one because there are a lot of fragrances, and cater for the different profiles. The two I chose were:

White Peach – fragrance notes – “Vibrant Peach and subtle hints of pear with under notes of Vanilla Beans blended together to make the most beautiful spring candle that will carry you right through until summer”. 

Fresh Mint & Rhubarb – fragrance notes – “Nose tinglingly zesty but comes with a sweet finish, both compliment each other perfectly. This is an all year round candle and continues to smell amazing as its scent drifts threw your home.”

Depending on the size of the room you can adjust the amount of cubes you pop in. I started with the recommended 3 cubes which personally I found too much particularly for the White Peach.

Home Crafted candle co wax melts fresh mint and rhubarb

Rhubarb and mint is a beautiful combination of sweet rhubarb with a really cool freshness of mint. The predominant aroma is that of rhubarb however is more uplifting. A great one for any occasion and I’m in love with this paring.

The White Peach is delightfully fruity and spot on with the peach flavour. It isn’t overly sweet or sickly, which is impressive. The fragrance is mighty strong, even with fewer cubes, and in a smaller room was too overpowering.  That aside I still love it.

The use of dried flowers is lovely and gives a really pretty element. The fragrances on both were clean, did not smoke, and lasted for a few tea lights. Fruity can be hard to get right and these are gorgeous, and both have totally nailed the fragrance.

On the whole I am super impressed with these Home Crafted Candle Co Wax Melts. Not only do they look beautiful, they smell incredible, even when not lit. A future purchase is certainly on the cards, this time I think I will be reaching for a candle too.

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