Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt

Today it is all about the humble yoghurt. Pastoret Banana and Biscuit Organic Yoghurt to be precise. This is a new brand for me and one that seems to have just popped up into the fresh aisle of the supermarket. From what started as a family business has expanded from a small workshop to a factory but stuck with traditional artisan methods.  Each costs around £1.75 a pop, I have managed to get these on offer recently so were nearer the £1.00. Each 135g pot comes in a glass pot, sealed top and cardboard sleeve. Far better for the environment. I… View Post

Limited Edition The Collective Coconut, Rum ‘n’ Pineapple

For someone who has never really liked coconut in anything other than a Malibu and Coke (don’t judge me), I have recently been eating more and more coconut flavoured foods and loving them, and I am hoping to add The Collective Coconut, Rum ‘n’ Pineapple yoghurt to that list.  I have tried quite a few of The Collective yoghurts, FYI Mango is my favourite, and mostly they have always faired pretty well. The last yoghurt of theirs I tried which had a boozy element to it was their Raspberry Trifle and sadly the amaretto was lack lustre so I am… View Post

Cherry Bakewell Muller Light Yoghurt

No longer wrapped in the constraints of a multipack that was exclusive to Iceland, Cherry Bakewell Muller Light is now available as a standalone number. I haven’t had a Muller Light yoghurt in what feels like forever, to be honest I really went off them and haven’t had the desire to pick one up since. That said I do love cherry bakewell so naturally there was no passing on this, I am just hoping that they can nail the flavour.  Available in all major supermarkets for a limited time only I do wonder why they have decided to release this one.… View Post

The Collective Raspberry Trifle Yoghurt

I am having a current love affair with yoghurts after discovering The Collective, yes I am a little late to the party, but better late than never. Following the Banana ‘n’ Vanilla number I tried a few weeks ago I have since been trying a few of their other flavours, FYI Mango is epic. Whilst on one of latest peruses I spied this exciting pot – The Collective Raspberry Trifle Yoghurt.  Their big 450g pots are usually on offer in one supermarket or another and I got this on a 2 for £3.00 bargain. Now I cannot deny what attracted me… View Post

Skyr Pear Apple and Cinnamon

I have been on the hunt for the new Arla Skyr Pear Apple and Cinnamon yoghurt ever since it was announced. For those regular readers you may recall that I reviewed three of the Arla Skyr yoghurts a little while back, and was mighty impressed by them, so I am hoping for great things here.  This 150g pot was on offer for 60p at Tesco. If you haven’t heard of Skyr then these are reduced sugar, high protein yoghurts that are also suitable for vegetarians. This new flavour pot is strictly limited edition for the autumn period and with the apple… View Post