New Oreo Yoghurt

Oreo Yoghurt New

This Oreo yoghurt has been a mission to find! High and low I have searched but to no avail until last week when finally I found these in Asda. I am not sure why I have been slightly obsessed with finding these given they aren’t exactly the most exciting foodie find, however there is something about […]

Arla Skyr Yoghurts

SKYR Yoghurt

Yoghurts, there are so many to choose from – Chocolatey, Fruity, Low Fat, Natural, Greek, Protein, Bio, there is a whole aisle just for yoghurts! So how do you choose when everyone is trying to be the top dog? Yoghurt is something that I phase in and out of, every since Muller Light’s disastrous recent […]