Propercorn Crunch Corn

Propercorn Crunch Corn

The search has ended because I finally have Propercorn Crunch Corn in my possession. I have been eagle eyed for these ever since Propercorn released their new line but seemingly didn’t tell us where to find it. Crunch Corn comes in 4 flavours – Sweet & Smoky Chilli, Rock Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper. We are only reviewing the first 3 here today as frankly that was all that was there. 

Also available in larger sharing bags, I picked these new cute little 30g packets up in Boots no less, for 90p each. As with all Propercorn products these too are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free! I am a massive fan of Propercorn Popcorn so I have been an eager beaver to try their intriguing popcorn that hasn’t quite been popped, nut-like crunchy snack.

Sweet & Smoky Chilli

These smelt pretty smoky indeed as it suggested. With their darker fiery colour I was expecting these to knock your socks off, which they certainly did after a few handfuls. Initially there was a spicy sweetness that developed into a more intense bolder heat with a real depth of flavour. I cannot say I could detect the lime but these were really delicious and certainly packed full of flavour. I do applaud anyone who manages the whole bag. 

Propercorn Crunch Corn Sweet & Smoky Chilli & Rock SaltSweet & Smoky Chilli – Combining a blend of chillies with a hint of smoked salt, this flavour builds to a subtle, sweet heat and surprises with a dash of lime. & Rock Salt: Keeping it classic and championing the crunch, this flavour is simply sprinkled with pink himalayan rock salt.

Rock Salt 

These seemed by far the crunchiest of the three flavours. Not really much to say about this Crunch Corn to be honest. I couldn’t overly detect the salt flavouring, it was hit and miss and where it was a hit it wasn’t as salty as I had hoped for. That being said the actual flavour of the corn made up for it. 

Propercorn Crunch Corn Salt & VinegarSalt & Vinegar – A new type of crunch but a familiar flavour, this recipe combines a dash of sweet and fruity cider vinegar, with sprinkling of sea salt.

Salt & Vinegar

These are the kiddies I was most after, anything salt & vinegar and I am there front and centre. These smelt vinegary and you could certainly see the salty dusting. The flavour of both was very evident and that slightly acidic apple cider vinegar certainly got those taste buds tingling, with the extra saltiness coming together and really hitting the spot. The bag was certainly moreish and was gone before I knew it. Quite possibly my new favourite salt and vinegar snack. 

I am pretty impressed by the new Propercorn Crunch Corn and think it is a fabulous addition to the range. I like the mix of flavours they have chosen and it is enough to cover most people’s preferences. I would say you do need to gingerly eat these as there were a few that were extremely crunchy and I was slightly concerned I may chip a tooth. Salt & Vinegar is by far my number 1, followed by the Sweet & Smoky Chilli and Rock Salt. 

Bravo Propercorn for bringing something new and unique to the snacking table. 

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  1. Cupcake
    21st September 2016 / 4:02 pm

    What a funny looking nobbly snack! Haha. Defo gna avoid the chilli ones like the plague but I NEED the salt & vinegar in my life! Xx

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